Meet Melissa From Our Shipping Department


Get to know Melissa from our Shipping Team here at StickerGiant. She is busy checking quality, packaging up orders and setting up the classic StickerGiant Shipping Cam shot that we take of your stickers and labels before they go in the box.

Tell Us About Yourself

I have been here for almost three years and when I first started, I was working in customer service. But about a little over a year ago I switched to the production side of things and moved to the shipping Department, which I absolutely love because I love being on my feet all day, and I get to see a lot more of everybody's stickers and labels. Before this I was in the hair industry, and I miss it, but I need something a little more stable because I'm a mom and I ended up applying for a job here when I was living in Wyoming with hopes of moving back to Colorado. So this was pretty much everything that I wanted in a job: Monday through Friday, great people, fun atmosphere and little did I know I would never want to leave.

What's Your Story?

Well I am a mom, and I'm engaged to be married, which will happen later on this year, and I'm Is having a great time in life. My fiance owns a brewery and we like to hangout with our friends and go see live shows and I love working here. Being able to work with such creative people and I have made such wonderful friends here and I get to see so many artistic stickers and pretty much have a great time I'm while working really hard and I couldn't ask for more as far as a job goes.

What Else?

I recently started learning how to play bocce ball, which I'm really enjoying and I'm hoping to get a little crew together so that we can compete.