Fluffyshotme QR Code Stickers Drive Web Traffic Wherever They Travel


David Morefield is the founder of FluffyShotMe, a photography website, and he has come up with a unique way to spread his message and his photos.

"People don't get excited about business cards," says Morefield. "But I found out that they love stickers. More importantly, unlike business cards, stickers don't get thrown way. They get put on just about anything.”

For his most recent trip to Sweden, he built a custom shaped sticker using his bunny graphic with a camera icon that holds the blue-and-yellow Swedish flag. On top of the sticker in a prominent place is a QR code that sends a mobile user to his website to promote his prints for sale. He had several people put a FluffyShotMe sticker on their laptops at coffee shops as well as cars, bicycle helmets and other objects, so even after he left his brand made an impression. His blog post about the topic goes into even more detail, give it a read.

The Sticker Design

If you noticed on the picture above, the sticker he had made has a QR code integrated into it. This QR code is scannable by most smartphones and using a QR code, a user can add whatever information they would like to it. It goes to the amazing photos he has for sale on his website. If you like big, bold landscape images, check out what he has to offer.
“In my case, I chose to include a direct link to my website in order to maximize my web traffic,” says Morefield. “I used a site called The QR Code Generator to create my QR code. You simply input the information that you want coded and it gives you an image to download. I inserted this into my sticker and voila! I had a scannable QR code for my sticker.”

In sum, David says that he found “the bottomline is that stickers make people happy, and they are fun to hand out.”

He says went through his sticker stash quickly, and that the interactions were so genuine and engaging that he didn’t even get a chance to take a lot of pictures of people as they enjoyed their stickers. While that might sound like a bummer, it’s also an awesome anecdote from an authentic travel experience.

“They went fast and in retrospect, I should have taken a whole lot more with me,” he says.

Now those are words we can stick with.

More About Promotional Stickers For Photographers

Clearly David is on to something, and we’ve seen more and more scannable stickers come through our shop, whether it’s a barcode for a retail purchase or a QR code that directs a phone to a social account or website. This die cut sticker traveled far and wide with David, and now it travels for him. He’s been home for a few weeks, and he is still getting web traffic from his Swedish sojourn.

That’s a long-lasting marketing impression worth the effort.

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  1. Sounds like a great idea.I think David is on to something!

  2. Genius, Dave. Sheer genius. I think the bunny played a huge part in the success because it goes hand in hand with your website name. And those QR codes really work!

  3. Absolutely, elegant designed stickers have a positive impact on the viewer. QR code on sticker is really an amazing idea for business marketing.

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