Zooguu Sticker Sheets Promote Their Colorful Decorations For Wild Imaginations


Zooguu is a faux taxidermy stuffed animal company started by Jennifer Gubicza. Her creative flair is something that you can display in your home and bring joy to every day. The sticker sheet you see above features five of the stuffed animals you can choose in the Zooguu online store.

What is faux taxidermy, you might ask? (We certainly did.) Well, it's what you'd imagine: stuffed animals, but mounted like you might see a hunting trophy. But these are no ordinary wall decorations. These are far-out creatures, some real and some mythic, and all totally rad. You can see in the sticker sheet that there's a rainbow-horned narwhal, a sloth hanging on a rainbow  (check out the actual stuffed sloth pic below!), a unicorn (because unicorns are really, really having a moment right now) and dodo bird and a rainbow-backed whale. And as they like to say at Zooguu, "rest assured, no actual (or stuffed!) animals were harmed in the making!"


For now, Gubicza plans to sell the sticker sheets online, and distribute at art fairs and conventions, plus she plans to give some away in online order shipments. She is also having paintable laser cut & engraved wood ornaments made with these designs.

More About Zooguu

Jen graduated with a BFA in graphic design from the Maryland Institute College of Art (AKA, MICA) in 2001, and then she worked as a Graphic Designer & Creative Director at Big Blue Dot and the Boston Children’s Museum. In 2004, Jen started designing and sewing her own creatures as a hobby to return to the pure joy of making things by hand. As the online selling work took off in tandem with the rise of the Maker Movement, Jen made the decision to go full time with Zooguu in 2008.

Today works with husband Brian, who is an illustrator, to sell Zooguu creations at fine art and craft shows, online, and in small shops throughout the United States. She has also contributed soft sculpture to gallery shows, designed and produced custom toys and sculptures for corporate clients, and created puppets for an upcoming major motion picture. The Zooguu Studio is a 1200 sq. ft. space located on the island of Nahant, MA.

The other member of the team is Ivy Fowler, a painter and illustrator, who helps with production work, studio organization and in-person sales for Zooguu. She is a true asset to the Zooguu studio, and you can also see her paintings on her instagram account.

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