Grunderfully Delicious Labels Thank Customers and Brand Products


Grunderfully Delicious is a brand started by Kristin Grunder, a homemaker who was looking for a creative outlet. She started documenting her own cookie decorating progress in a blog, which soon attracted thousands of followers interested in the edible art of cookie decorating. And that's how the business was born. Now she's using glossy product labels to help brand her products and get her company out into the world.

Today, Grunderfully Delicious offers the best cookie decorating products, classes, and tutorials in a one-stop-shop website that's inspiring a generation of customers with a creative outlet they can share with friends. There are the supplies, which number in the dozens from scribing tools to edible gels, and the classes that offer hands-on training and delicious take-away treat.

Let's take a look at the tasteful label designs. There are two different, but complementary, glossy white labels. They both feature the same orange scalloped border with a green trim and text inside. One is a logo label with the brand name and the tagline "Cookies. Classes. Supplies." that pretty much sums up the whole business. Then there is the THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER label that also features Kristin's name inside two hearts. It's this kind of customer appreciation that really builds return business and customer loyalty. They are also in two different sizes, with the larger brand label working on many different types of products. Since she's using her last name as part of the company name, it helps with the play on words, especially since she wants her customers to be full and happy when working on their craft or enjoying hers.


When you're running an online business, you need a presence in the real world, and a simple, bold label with your logo helps give your brand impact long past the purchase. With a personalized message on her Thank You label, Kristin is able to ensure that each Grunderfully Delicious customer remembers the experience and either returns to purchase more or refer other business.