Seesaw: The Learning Journal Connects Students, Parents and Teachers Through Communication Tools and Sticker Sheets


Seesaw’s mission is to create an environment where students are inspired to be their best. Their app Seesaw: The Learning Journal is a platform that works on any device, from phones to laptops.

Education is a space that's always ripe for disruption, as new methodologies and technologies enter the industry every year. The benefits of the Seesaw platform are threefold: students use intuitive tools to capture and demonstrate learning in a portfolio, teachers get valuable insights into what students understand without extra work, and families see their child’s work and leave comments and encouragement.

Students explore a variety of powerful tools (like drawing, voice recording, taking videos, and more!) to show what they know in the way that works best for them. For instance, students can show their work and thought-process in real time by submitting a video of themselves working through a math problem, snapping a picture of a paragraph they wrote, recording themselves reading a poem, or uploading a file to demonstrate their learning.

Teachers at all grade levels and across all content areas can use Seesaw to keep digital portfolios of student work, including commenting on student submissions. This allows teachers to understand strengths and areas for growth in real time so they can differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all their students.

Teachers can easily connect with families by sharing student work, sending announcements, or communicating in private messages.

To further engage their audience during the back-to-school time, the team at Seesaw printed up a custom matte die cut sticker sheet with seven different peel offs. There's the Seesaw logo front and center with the brand name, along with a version of just their brand mark. Then there are some fun graphics, including a robot and a spaceship. Sticker sheets allow for a full economy of space and limitless potential for creative expression. The Seesaw team even added their fun CREATE pictograph with their tagline: Create. Reflect. Seesaw.