Haha Hot Dogs Stickers Show Their Humor and Love For Life


The humble frankfurter is a classic culinary delight, and this sticker from Haha Hot Dogs is sure to delight fans of both whimsical designs and hot dogs.

Mark T. Wetzel is the brainchild behind this design. He grew up in New York eating the world's greatest hot dogs (in his opinion, of course, we have a love of the Chicago-Style Hot Dog—hold the ketchup!—here at StickerGiant. Our founder John Fischer is from the Windy City and your humble blogger, Andrew, is also from the City of Broad Shoulders).

Mark specifically loves Pete's Hot Dogs in Newburgh, and he continued the tradition of chowing down on hot dogs when he moved to Chicago. Since he has a background in design and technology, making his own Etsy store with his own designs was a natural fit. Once he got settled in Chicago, he started drawing hot dogs having great times. In fact, great times are a theme for Mark, and he decided to pair up his love of hot dogs with his love of pen-palling...and here we are, as they say, talking about hot dog stickers.

Haha Hot Dogs is a bunch of hot dogs sharing the meaning of life through postcards, prints, stickers and more. Mark believes that we're all just meat and buns trying to do things that make us happy. He loves writing and pen palling, so this brand fits fit into his passions.

Check out the entire collection of hog dogs having great times. These stickers are just so fun and capture the spirit and energy of Chicago, which is truly a world-class city filled with great people and amazing food of all kinds—but nothing says Chicago like the hot dog.


If you head over to the Haha Hot Dogs Etsy store, you'll find the various postcards, prints and stickers (natch). You can follow Haha Hot Dogs on Instagram at @HahaHotDogs, and on Facebook at @HahaHotDogs. Pretty simply to find them, and we recommend giving them love with a like or a heart.

The stickers you see above are our die cut stickers in a glossy finish. We use a laser (for real) to cut all of our die cut stickers. This is an outdoor durable sticker, so it can be used to brand a business, to give away at an event, or to serve as an eye-catching bumper sticker. The glossy die cut stickers also has a UV laminate, which means it will hold up for a few years in the elements. What's great about the die cut sticker is that it features a crack and peel backing for easy application and less waste of material because the design goes right to the edge of the sticker.