Supporting Small Businesses and Main Street Communities All Across America This Holiday Season

It's that time of year again, when consumers hit the streets to shop and businesses in the towns where they live in are once again anticipating the holidays.

That's why this year, we headed down to Main Street in Longmont to celebrate the concept of Main Streets all across America. As we say in this video, local businesses bring a town together, and when you shop local you're helping people that live in your neighborhood.

We want to thank the businesses that opened their doors and gave us their time as we used their locations as sets for this video. At the end of the day, community is what Main Street is all about. So, thanks to Aloha Trading Company, Longmont Bicycle Company and Rosalee's Pizzeria.

Not only have we've featured these businesses on the blog and on our social over the years, they've featured us on their social media as well. Chris from Longmont Bicycle joined us on podcast early in our second season, and Kim from Aloha Trading was a guest during this most recent third season.

Our goal is to support local businesses all across America, every day, but as we round out the calendar year, it's important to say thanks to all of those small businesses that contribute to their community with great service, food, products and goods.

Here's to all of their hard work and making their dreams come true, one sticker and one customer at a time.