Head to the newsstand, StickerGiant is in Forbes Magazine today

 StickerGiant in Forbes Magazine

What a day! We're very excited here at StickerGiant. The May 16th issue of Forbes magazine for this year has hit newsstands, and we're featured as one of 25 Small Giants for 2017. This award recognizes companies that focus on greatness over growth, and it's quite an honor.

We are humbled to be on a list with such great companies, including our friends at SurveyGizmo and the Jack Stack led SRC Holdings, just to name just a few. Founder and CEO John Fischer has put plenty of time and energy into growing this business the right way. Along his founder journey, he implemented Open Book Management, and he involved employees in the numbers so they could help to run the business. With this approach and our focus on making quality stickers fast with a satisfaction guarantee, the company has seen tremendous growth over the years. For all the entrepreneurs out there, check out our Twelve Laws of Business that give the team a clear guideline for how to run the business.

At the core of who we are is that we love what we do. We print custom stickers and labels so businesses and people can share their passions and spread stories to the world. We appreciate everyone who has trusted us to print their designs, logos, product labels and more at StickerGiant. You are the reason for us being on this list and also why we have Saul The World's Largest Sticker Ball featured on the same page with John. It's quite a story that we're telling, and we are proud to be on this list in such an esteemed magazine like Forbes.

Head out to your local grocery story or newsstand to find a copy for yourself. We'll be hanging this one up on the wall here in Longmont.