JCPLove for the Jefferson County Public Library with Custom Stickers

Jefferson-County-Public-Library-Customer-Story-Blog-from-StickerGiantIt's that time of year when love is in the air, and JCPLove custom stickers express appreciation for the patrons of the Jefferson County Public Library every time they pick up books.

Jefferson County Public Library helps to build an educated and vibrant community by providing equal access to information and opportunities, and stickers are just one way to show thanks to their customers.

"Jefferson County Public Library strives be the essential destination where all generations connect, discover and create," says Sue Dothage, Design Manager for Strategy & Engagement at JCPL. "We included these in curbside services bags as small tokens of gratitude for our patrons. The design is a symbol of community resilience during this past year."

The sticker is a custom die cut that forms a heart shape, with all kinds of Colorado-centric imagery. There's the Columbine flower, mountains, pine trees, a library card, the county outline, and plenty of other fun images that stand out in a crowd. The matte laminate on the sticker gives a smooth finish, while letting the colors and shapes of the design tell a story in a compact space. JCPL means fun and sun and learning and growth, and the sticker provides imagery that builds a sense of local community.


Jefferson County Public Library (JCPL) serves Jefferson County, Colorado, United States, and is the third largest public library in the state. Their service area covers the foothills of Colorado's Rocky Mountains to the edge of the metro Denver area, and they serve a range of Colorado communities, from Lakewood to Morrison to unincorporated areas of the county. The demographics of the populations served are equally diverse, ranging from the very wealthy to the poor and underserved.

Each year, JCPL supports thousands of children with programs and services designed to promote early literacy, academic achievement, socialization, workforce readiness and more. The Traveling Children's Library enhances the early literacy experiences of preschool-aged children by delivering books and programs to children in Head Start and other classrooms. Through a monthly bilingual story time visit from JCPL staff and a monthly deposit of books in English and Spanish, the Traveling Children's Library provides children with greater exposure to books, reading and stories. The Traveling Children's Library also works to educate children's families about the free services and materials available to them through the public library, and how parents, as a child’s first teacher, can help develop their child's pre-reading skills.

The library offers classes and programs for adults and seniors; discussion groups that focus on current global issues, online databases and research resources. Twice a month, JCPL's Bookmobile delivers library resources to retirement communities, independent living and assisted living facilities in the county. The library also offers the Homebound Service, which delivers library materials to homebound individuals and assisted-living and nursing care facilities.

With the offerings they've kept up during the pandemic, JCPL has created a virtual community through their digital platform, while reinforcing their in-person community with fun logo stickers and curbside book pickups. Here's to spreading the love, one book and sticker at a time.