Custom Stickers and Labels For Makers, Crafters, and DIYers

Makers and DIYers need stickers and labels to help tell their story and build a brand, especially when you sell online.

To help you grow your craft or handmade business, we have a sticky product that can help you sell your candles, plants, water bottles, and more.

We will talk about how each of our products can help your build your brand, and then at the end of this post there is a selection of customer stories from the craft and handmade industry to provide inspiration.

Matte Labels For Handmade Goods

Let's start with Matte Product Labels, which are the ideal way to brand your hard work. Label design is a crucial element of any product. Matte labels are soft to the touch and feature a writable surface, which is ideal for numbering items or for putting on prices or adding in dates. If you leave blank space in the design of the label, you can have more options for labeling various products that still feature your branding. Matte labels also work well on skincare products or any type of jar.

Glossy Labels For Products

Next are glossy labels, which are a classic labeling option. We have two options for glossy labels. There are our Glossy Labels that are opaque and features fully-printed backing that is not see-through, and we have Clear Labels that are see-through and have a glossy finish. You can customize your label shape to match your brand in either of these options, which allows you to add in your personal style.

Clear labels help your products stand out, as this label type is nearly transparent. They are designed for indoor use and they are moisture resistant, which means they can be used for cold storage or hot items like candles.

Glossy labels are our most popular choice for custom labels, and they are made for indoor use. We see these labels on beverages, food, packaging boxes and many more custom uses from our customers.

Die Cut and Kiss Cut Stickers for Makers and DIYers

We'll continue with sticker options. There are two types, Die Cut Stickers, where the design is custom cut around your shape and the backing is split for easy peeling, and Kiss Cut Stickers, where the backing is oversized and your sticker peels off the backing. Kiss Cut Stickers are great for stacking up at the point of purchase, and Die Cut Stickers are perfect for hang-tag stickers on a retail display or as a free promotional item in a box when it's shipped. Die Cut Stickers can also come in stickers sheets, which are an economical way to get many designs onto one sticker.

In general, a custom sticker acts like a portable billboard for your brand, and whether you sell it as a product or included as a freebie, you can build brand loyalty with your customers when you give them a way to promote your goods and services. It's that added touch that can set you apart in your industry.

Customer Stories

We'll finish with customer stories from the maker and DIY space. We have thousands of creative customers, and we love to share their stories to provide inspiration to others and to celebrate their hard work.

Below is a sampling of the artists and makers that we’ve featured on our blog and podcast, in categories like stationery, handmade goods, DIY kits, craft classes, and brick-and-mortar stores. These customers all either use stickers as part of their product line, or they are using labels to brand the physical items them sell. Click through the links to listen or watch more of these stories and learn how these customers brought stickers and labels into their businesses.