Meet Gabby From Our Art Department

Gabby works in our Art Department, where she makes sure customer artwork is properly formatted and ready for printing. We sat down with Gabby to talk a little bit more about what she does here and what she does when she's not at StickerGiant. Check out her sticker story below.

Hello Gabby!

Hi my name is Gabby, and this is my sticker story.

What Do You Do?

I work in the Art Department as a graphic production artist, and what I do is I take the customer's artwork given, clean it up and get it ready for print.

What's Your Background?

I've been in Colorado for the past 25 years. I went to college at the University of New Mexico, where I got a degree in fine art. After graduating, I got my certificate in graphic design and that's what landed me here.

What's Your Story?

I've grown up riding horses. I've competed in eventing and dressage for a long time, and that's definitely my favorite thing to do. Outside of that, I have my two dogs Grizzly and Zoe, and when I have the opportunity to go out and hike I definitely take them with me. I also run my own business, Alpine Bloom, and that keeps me extremely busy as well, so I'm just really fortunate to be here and I love the opportunities that have been given to me.

What Have You Enjoyed Most About Being With StickerGiant?

I've been at StickerGiant for a little over a year, it's been a great opportunity. My favorite part about it is my team. The guys I work with are a lot of fun, but they're really hard working, and so any given week we can go through about 2,500 pieces of artwork between four of us, which means you've got to be able to get through it quickly but also efficiently, and that's what we do.

What Else?

So before I worked at StickerGiant I actually worked in the cannabis industry, and while I was in the cannabis industry I realized I really wanted to create an apparel brand for women that I thought was just a lot more classier than what the industry was currently providing, and so that's why I started Alpine Bloom.