Meet Sara From Our Finance Team


Get to know Sara from our Finance Team at StickerGiant. She is known for her laughter and it's very contagious. She also has jokes for days!

Hello, Sara! Tell Us Your Story!

Hi my name is Sara, and this is my Sticker Story.

Originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado. I currently live in Berthoud, Colorado, and I have a dog and two cats.

What Do You Do At StickerGiant?

I work in the Finance Department, and I've been with StickerGiant for a year and a half now.

What Are Your Hobbies?

Some things I like to do outside of work is I like to work out. I like paddle-boarding. I like dancing. And I also recently started fishing. I got my own fishing pole finally.

What Is Your Secret Power?

My secret power is every time I giggle or laugh, it makes someone else giggle or laugh and that's kind of what I've been known for.

What's Your Favorite Food?

My favorite food is tacos because there's endless possibilities with tacos, and you can do anything.

What Are Your Favorite Movies?

I have two favorites, one is Ray, about Ray Charles. The other is Finding Nemo because who doesn't love Finding Nemo?

Do You Have Any Trips Planned?

The next trip I am going on is actually to my parent's new lake house in Texas. I am going for July 4th, so I can't wait for that.

What Are Your Favorite Memories At StickerGiant?

Just being here with Ilene, my co-worker and all of the laughs we share all the time and giggle every single day.

What Is Your Favorite Sticker?

My favorite sticker is actually these ones that Ilene just printed for me, and they are a sticker of my dog Von and they're super cute.

What Else?

What do you call a large pile of cats? A meown-tain. (Laughs.)