Oval Stickers and LOL's Are Everywhere When Playing Acronyms for Hilarity


Acronyms for Hilarity is a fun and creative game to play with your BFFs. What we love about this game and this business story is that with every order of AFH products, customers receive an oval sticker with the Acronyms for Hilarity branding.

When playing Acronyms for Hilarity, players make up acronyms based on categories and letter combinations. The crazier the Acronym, the greater the hilarity. As you can imagine, there are countless categories and letter combinations, which makes every AFH game new and exciting.

In each round, one player (AKA the Judge) chooses a category and rolls the lettered dice. After the roll, players picks three letters to creates the world’s silliest, funniest, weirdest or most scandalous acronym to sway the Judge’s vote...FTW, of course.

Players rotate turns as the presiding Judge. To win, it's all about being the first person to win a pre-set number of rounds before being crowned the AFH VIP.

Why AFH?

Well, according to founder Rustin Tholen, acronyms are a daily part of everyone's lives.

"If you're anything like me, when you don't know an acronym, you try to guess what the letters stand for," says Tholen. "I rarely get it right, so over time I just started putting the most random words together and would get a chuckle out of it."

The backstory of the idea that sparked Acronyms for Hilarity started during a game night when other games became redundant. Tholen and his friends decided to get creative and make up a game of their own.

"The first time it was played we used torn up pieces of paper with letters on them to create the acronym," says Tholen. "We did not think to use categories, which led to some very unique and memorable responses."

Tholen refined the concept over subsequent gatherings, where he and friends tried different formats before eventually deciding on the current version you can purchase on the website.

"The custom dice were made after researching the most common first letter of words," Tholen says. "Topic cards were broken down into subcategories to give each round’s judge the ability to be part of the fun."

What comes in every order of Acronyms for Hilarity

  • Custom 20-sided colored dice to allow 8,000 unique acronym combinations.

  • A total of 50 cards containing 11 different topics, each with 3 subcategories, as well as 6 WILD cards.

  • Each player has a notepad where they write the round's acronym letters and their one of a kind response.

  • A custom AFH oval logo sticker, in their blue color with the bold typography in white, and a red trim around the letters.