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Sticker Stories Podcast Episode 7: Brining Cucumbers and talking Matte Labels with Colorado Liquor Pickles


This week we welcome Jennifer and Jerry from Colorado Liquor Pickles, who mix beer and spirits with pickles. Two of nature’s greatest creations, just add labels. 

You can listen to the interview, and there's more about this episode below.

Top of Mind

Hamish talked all about our Matte Die Cut Stickers, which we've been promoting quite a bit this week on all of our social feeds. This new product offering means you can get custom shaped Die Cut Stickers with a matte finish that's much different than our glossy option. If you are looking for a sample pack to test these out, head to stickergiant.com/samples.

Andrew wanted to make sure that everyone knew about our 24 days of Stickers stream on our Instagram, where we're highlighting fun seasonal stickers that feature a holiday design.

Sticker Story: Colorado Liquor Pickles


We started with their origin story. They lived in Colorado and left. When they returned from the East Coast, they started visiting breweries and then the lightbulb moment happened: brine the cucumbers in liquor. They started with beer, and it's been a non-stop journey since. They developed relationships local breweries, and then they started working with Spirit Hound Distillers in Lyons. They are juggling this business with other efforts, but they are fully dedicated to this project. In fact, some days, they'll spend 10 hours packing and doing production. Their story is similar to our founder story with John Fischer back in Episode 2, where he talks about starting StickerGiant in his home with his wife. It's great to see these news businesses in a similar stage, as it's exciting to start up something.

Hamish and Jerry geeked out a bit on bikes before we turned to their use of matte and glossy labels, and how they are constantly doing research and development on new recipes. They have chosen to go with Matte Labels for their products, for the way these labels fit with the craft appeal of their product Liquor Pickles. One bit of media they were excited about is their upcoming slot on Booze Traveler on the Travel Channel, which airs in January. They have a big year ahead in 2018, and you know we'll be following their story. Their new website is set to launch soon, and we'll get a link in here when it does.

End of Season One!

We are wrapping up season one, and we'll be back again 12th, January 2018, with a new lineup of content and guests. It will also be National Sticker Day, and we'll have plenty to talk about with Saul the World's Largest Sticker Ball.

We want to wish everyone a happy holiday season and thanks for listening this year. We are so very appreciative of all of the folks who have checked out a Live Friday or listened to an episode of the podcast. It means a lot, and we can't wait to share more Sticker Stories.

The podcast will be available to download in all the usual spots: iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, SoundCloud and Radio Public.

See you in 2018!

Music & Art

Opening music Cha Cappella – Jimmy Fontanez
Closing music My Rollercoaster – Kimya Dawson
Art Alan Peters - Jupiter Visual

Crooked Media "Friend of the Pod" Custom Promotional Stickers


From the people that once wrote speeches for the 44th President of the United States of America comes this custom podcast promotional sticker.

What better way to promote your brand and build an audience than empowering them to proclaim their fandom with a tailored message like "Friend of the Pod," which in this case references their inaugural podcast Pod Save America.

The team at Crooked Media runs a few other highly regarded podcasts, like Pod Save the World. The founders behind this venture have a long history together, as they all served as writers for President Barack Obama, either during his campaign or while he was in the White House.

Jon Favreau served as Barack Obama’s head speechwriter from 2005–2013, penning most major speeches including the Inaugural Address and the State of the Union. Jon Lovett was a speechwriter for Hillary Clinton and as a presidential speechwriter in the Obama White House, including the President’s annual remarks to the White House Correspondents Dinner. Tommy Vietor traveled the world with President Obama as his National Security Spokesman and across Iowa with then-Senator Obama as the Iowa caucuses press guy.

They've created an entire network of content and conversations, and they have a pretty bold mission.

We need a better conversation about politics in this country. That’s why we launched Crooked Media—to talk about politics in a way that doesn’t make you want to throw your phone out the window – with shows and analysis and other forms of sweet, sweet content that inform, entertain, and inspire action. No, we’re not unbiased, we’re not always serious and we’re certainly not always right. But we promise a no-bullshit conversation about politics and culture where you can laugh, cry, scream, ridicule us daily, share your ideas, and hopefully decide that you want to help fix this mess too. That’s it. End of mission.

Selling custom logo stickers on your website

One great way to promote your product (and to monetize your brand) is to order custom logo stickers, and then give them out at events or sell them in your stores or online. At least that's what's going on over at the Crooked Media online merch store. The team at SlingShot eCommerce powers their site, and you can see how many other products they have for their brand ambassadors (AKA fans).

With our minimum quantities of 250, you'll go through your first order pretty quickly. Once you start ordering more (and you will!) the price gets lower for each sticker. Go ahead, play around on our website. It's super fast and gives you plenty of options to quote different products, quantities and finishes.

Our two most popular logo and promotional stickers are our kiss cut and our die stickers. Check out this video learn more about them.

What's the difference between Kiss Cut and Die Cut Stickers?

Sticker Stories Podcast Episode 6: Promoting National Park Posters with custom stickers


Hello and welcome back for the sixth episode of the Sticker Stories Podcast, as we near the end of our first season.

This week we welcome Rob Decker from National Park Posters. He is the founder of the company as well as the artist creating the designs. All of his posters are printed on recycled domestically produced materials and use environmentally friendly soy based inks. Along with his posters, his designs are available on larger artist canvases, and as postcards. He now has his first sticker, which we will talk more about with him. You can listen to the interview, and there's more about this episode below.

Top of mind

Hamish brought us stickers of the week, starting with Friend of the Pod, from Pod Save America from Crooked Media, Andrew will be writing up a blog about their sticker for next week, so look out for it. Andrew gave a shoutout to Techstars and Google for Entrepreneurs Global Startup Weekend that is kicking off today and going through next week. Here's a few pictures of the stickers we spoke about.

episode 6 sticker mashup

On to the show

Then Hamish and Andrew welcomed Rob on the the show. Before we DOVE in and started talking about National Park Posters, Rob told us a little more about himself and his career as an artist. A cool story is that Rob studied photography with Ansel Adams in Yosemite National Park in 1979. Truly amazing. We learned that National Park Poster’s came about from his daughter's wedding and then a few Kickstarter campaigns, and that he's mostly a one man operation. We spoke in depth about the WPA as an inspiration for his pieces of art, and we learned that the Works Project Administration's main role was building large infrastructure projects during the Great Depression. But the WPA also played a role in arts education, and that's where Rob takes some of his inspiration for the modern day.

Marketing Posters with Stickers

Rob has a really strong social media following, and then he shared advice for other small business owners using these platforms. His main advice was creating great content and leveraging the Facebook advertising tools, and that he's visited every park he's drawn so it helps to do your research. Then we brought it back to stickers, and he spoke about his designs.

To close out we were able to open a few brand-new posters that arrived for our factory, and Rob walked us through creating some of these wonderful works of art.

Episode 7: Final show of the season

In December, we are planning on welcoming the team from My Beer Pickles. That’s right. Beer and pickles. Two of nature’s greatest creations. Just add labels.

Sticker Stories Podcast Episode 4: Talking World Records and Lager Beer with Ted Risk of Wibby Brewing


In this episode

We discuss running a brewery and marketing with stickers, and we are happy to have Ted Risk from Wibby Brewing on the show to talk about how Wibby got started as a new business in Longmont. We'll talk about the fine art of brewing and how they use stickers for promoting the brewery. We also welcome Saul, the World's Largest Sticker Ball, since he's currently in the 2018 Guinness Book of World Records that's in bookstores now.

Top of Mind

Hamish was proud to introduce our very own Saul The Sticker Ball Story. We founded National Sticker Day on January 13th and broke a world record, and now the 2018 Guinness Book of World Records is out and Saul is on page 123 with other "Great Balls." While creating the Sticker Ball, we realized it was a quite possibly one of our best company team building exercises, and it's the gift that keeps on giving, as every visitor to StickerGiant sees Saul in our front lobby. Also, it's very fitting that for this episode we welcome Ted, since the official weigh in was done at Wibby Brewing on January 13th, 2016.

Andrew spoke about band stickers: We wrote up a post about fan stickers ahead of last weekend's Phish shows here in Colorado, and this week, we profiled Bread & Butter, a Seattle band that printed up custom logo stickers for their West Coast Fall Tour. Then we talked about stickers for Wibtoberfest and the STL Sticker Swap and their attempt at a Guinness Book World Record.


Saul will be featured at Wibtoberfest this Saturday in honor of their two-year anniversary, but more on that later when we bring Ted onto the show.

Interview with Ted Risk of Wibby Brewing


For those listeners not familiar with the Longmont Brewery scene, we got a quick introduction of how Wibby got started and how they’ve reached where they are today. Then he told us about his individual brewing story before meeting Ryan Wibby. We spoke about the German lagers that influenced them and made them want to adopt that style. We dug into where the name Wibby came from and how they went about designing their logo. We also wanted to know what is it about breweries and custom stickers, and why do so many brewers print stickers, plus how Wibby uses stickers to promote their business. We said goodbye and auf wiedersehen to Ted, and then we turned to...

Listener Questions

We’d like to say a big thank you for all the questions that have been submitted along with those stories and we have a few that we answered.

Peter at makemade.com

Q: How do you battle time vs profit when you receive artwork that is not ready for print?

A: We’re all about fast here at StickerGiant but we also never sacrifice quality. We have a three person art team that touch every piece of artwork that's submitted.

Those guys touch between 1,500-2,000 pieces of artwork every week. Whether it's a quote request or someone checking us out, the art team ensures that every piece is ready for print.

Occasionally, we have artwork submitted that isn’t suitable, and in that case we have to ask the customer to re-submit something of higher quality.

Q: What is it like working with a wide variety of clientele?

A: This is especially cool for us as we work across all industries and get to see stickers and labels from a huge variety of brands and products. So yesterday we put this question to our customer service team as they manage all our orders and ensure our customers get what they want.

Pete at Panini Petes

Q: How has social media changed your business?

A: Social media is now a pay to play environment, with organic traffic making up about 2% of your posts reach. This means you must have a paid strategy to reach your audience effectively.

There’s two sides to this, Andrew who is our content creator, is focusing on telling the stories of our customers which we share through social media, these get shared on Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter, Google Plus and Medium. We’re also constantly snapping pictures of cool stickers which we share through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Flickr and Pinterest. You'll need to add some boost budget to get these to your current audience and new audiences.

Hamish runs the paid side of things, which is specific advertising content and is predominantly focused on Facebook and Instagram with a little budget for Twitter and Pinterest. This can be coupon led or product focused and is designed to get customers onto our website to make a purchase.

Top tips: Tell stories and engage people with real content. Use paid social advertising and specifically target an action with a measurable ROI, don’t go chasing likes, and make sure to get meaningful conversions or purchases.

Erin at Wordnik

Q: Have you ever printed a sticker and had to call up the designer and ask "WHY?"

A:  We’ve never called anyone up but we have certainly seen some curious stickers come through the shop with no obvious message or branding on them. A recent one that springs to mind was a 4x4 inch square sticker which appeared to just be a somewhat blurry image from a CCTV camera.

Next Time

We currently have a submission form up on our website at stickergiant.com/podcast. If you’d like to come on the show to talk about your business we’d love to hear from you. Even if you aren't based nearby to Longmont, Colorado still get in touch as we can dial you in for the show.

The podcast will be available to download in all the usual spots: iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, SoundCloud and Radio Public.

Music & Art

Opening music: Cha Cappella - Jimmy Fontanez

Closing music: My Rollercoaster - Kimya Dawson

Art by Alan Peters, Jupiter Visual

Sticker Stories Podcast Episode 3: How to Acquire New Customers with Special Guest Bill Flagg


Welcome to the third episode of Sticker Stories, our podcast. This month's show is all about acquiring customers and we have Bill Flagg on the show who will talk more about how his companies go about acquiring new customers to fuel growth. Jesse and Hamish also breakdown their "Top of Mind" for the day talking about back to school stickers and how Game of Thrones has inspired us to stop and observe more label designs, especially custom wine labels.

Bill Flagg is passionate about building great, organically grown, built-for-life companies.  The kind of companies that employees love, customers shout from rooftops about, and owners want to grow old with. He co-owns five really cool Colorado-based companies. All are organically grown, cash-flow rich, and have no outside investors. Besides StickerGiant, Bill works with Christian @ SurveyGizmo, Jerome(s) @ SnapEngage, Eric @ PosterBrain, and Dave @ Avid4Adventure. Recently, he co-founded Sovereignty, an organization dedicated to empowering self-funded businesses to manifest their independent long-term destinies.

You can watch or listen below.

Listen on Google Play Musicpodcast on iTunes

Resources for Customer Acquisition Strategies

Sticker Stories Podcast Episode #2: Founder Stories with John Fischer


Welcome to the second episode of Sticker Stories, our podcast. This week's podcast is all about entrepreneurship, focusing on Founder's Stories, and we have an extra-special visitor on the show to tell us his story.

Our guest will be John Fischer, the StickerGiant himself, and he will share with us the early days of this business and how it's become the company it is today. At the end of this podcast, we'll provide resources for budding entrepreneurs, and we'll preview some of the awesome entrepreneurial activity that we support worldwide--it's going to be a full show. You can watch or listen below.

Here's the SoundCloud to listen and follow along.

As we were saying, the theme of the podcast is Founder’s Stories and Entrepreneurship. We'll get our boss up here in just a second, but first we want to do our top of mind segment.

In today's Top of Mind: Bikes! Tour de France is in full swing, currently racing across the Pyrenees Mountains of Southwestern France. It's Bastille Day, which marks a turning point in the French Revolution and brings out all of France in a celebration not unlike our Fourth of July. And in a true show of patriotism and grit, a Frenchman won the stage of the day. Speaking of shirts, Andrew is in the yellow jersey of the new look for StickerGiant, and Hamish is resplendent in blue. We wrote a blog post all about our new design on StickerGiant.com, which you should check out.

John Fischer’s Founder’s Story


We did a fun Q&A with John Fischer where we talked about the How and Why of StickerGiant, and he talked us through the starting of the business in his basement, the move to Hygiene, the institution of Open Book Finance and then the growth and move into Longmont. He gave some great tips about how to start a founder's network to learn from others, and how to look at finance in a holistic way. John referenced the Great Game of Business, Zing Train and Ownership Thinking as three books that helped guide his founder's journey to creating StickerGiant's model of the Great Game of Business.

John also teased a future episode where he mentioned Traction by Gino Wickman and the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) that is driving the scale of StickerGiant's business. He shared some stories that actually brought tears to his eyes as he remembered the first check signing day when he transitioned to Open Book Finance, and how the burden of running a company was a shared experience.

Startup Week and Weekend - Entrepreneurship

We like to put our money where our mouth is, so we're sponsoring Longmont Startup Week that's taking place the week of July 24-28, and we're also participating as panelists and speakers. We printed up a fun sticker sheet for the event, plus the Wannapraneur beer sticker, so we're all over this event for sure. And that's the advice John gave in his sit down with us: build your network so you can learn and grow. We are proud to work with Techstars, Startup Week and Startup Weekend to help get these stickers out to the world, and also support new and young businesses as they grow and scale.

Longmont Startup Week Events

Sticker Highlight: Startup Week StickersSticker-Stories-Podcast-071417-Startup-Stickers

Wannapreneuer collaboration beer die cut sticker to honor the local breweries that worked together for this special brew. The breweries include 300 Suns, Oskar Blues, Left Hand Brewery, Open Door Brewery, Skeye Brewing, Shoes & Brews, Wibby Brewing, The Pumphouse, Grossen Bart, and Bootstrap Brewing.  St. Vrain Cidery is part of the collaboration, however due to liquor licensing, is not able to serve The Wannapreneur. Check out this blend if you're traveling through Longmont during the week.

Resources for starting a business

That was it for our second episode of the Sticker Stories Podcast. You can find us on the iTunes Store, Google Play, SoundCloud, Vimeo and YouTube. Thanks for listening, and we'll see you next month for episode three when we talk about acquiring customers. See you at 10am MST on the second Friday of August.