Okay Have Fun Uses Sticker Sheets to Label Their Custom Wooden Toys


Today's customer story comes from Okay Have Fun in Nashville, Tennessee, and their first handmade toy named “Scoots” - O - Possum.

Okay Have Fun is a toy company that makes funny wooden toys with simple mechanical movements that are timeless and fun for all ages. Their designs pay homage to the old fashioned toys of yesteryear. With his goofy, gap-toothed grin, and a wide-eyed, crazy-go-lucky countenance, “Scoots” crawls and wags around with the best of any toy in the chest. The folks at Okay Have Fun want to please the young and young-at-heart, “Scoots” would feel just as at home in the curiosity cabinet as on the playroom floor. Scoots comes with a twine leash and the Okay Have Fun sticker.

Bringing Scoots to life is a process in and of itself, as you'll see in the photos that document the handmade process that imbues the character with meaning. Taylor Williams and Timmy Findlen are the woodworkers and co-founders of the business. They started making toys as gifts for their nieces and nephews, and they have a lifelong love of American Folk Art toys. This idea started as a side project and is turning into a full-time business, and they have plans to grow past this inaugural offering.

Scoots the toy is a rather novel use of a sticker sheet, as the stickers themselves help add the character features on top of their painted and styled poplar wood base. The legs are formed using CNC methods, and then the stickers are applied. To finish it all off, they add the brass, steel, string, hand-painted tail bead and acrylic elements to give Scoots his motion and his unique style. All of their materials are sourced from the USA, and each individual part is chosen with durability, safety, and appearance in mind. They also have hats and patches, and stickers are for sale as well and also come in other product orders as a way to delight their customers.

Head over to their Instagram @okayhavefunofficial to see work in progress videos and all sorts of fun content from Scoots. If you're a small business looking to add a sticker product or even use stickers as part of the product, learn more about sticker sheets below.