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Vegtastic Custom Kiss Cut Stickers for tart in Bozeman, Montana


Photo credit: @tartique instagram

We are all about independent and local businesses, and today our sticker story comes from tart, a ten-year fixture in the Bozeman arts and craft scene.

They bring us these wonderful kiss cut stickers that display illustrations of vegetables for a series of handmade felt ornaments for sale in their shop. The drawings are from a staff member Lauren, and the ornaments come from Amanda Adams of @closecallstudio. These stickers are a great way to add to a purchase, as they are colorful, beautiful and match the ornaments perfectly.

More about tart

tart started in 2007 as a boutique and contemporary art gallery in the Emerson Center for the Arts and Culture and spent nine years in that location, when the original owner Anna Visscher decided it was time for a change. She closed the brick and mortar side of the business in March of 2016, and then in the summer of 2016 Serena Rundberg, the owner of Bozeman favorite restaurants Nova and Feed, purchased tart and moved it to the historic red barn that also houses Feed. If their Instagram and stickers are any indication, tart is growing and thriving. The goal of the business is the same: to carry a mix of artists and products that are handmade.

tart photo credit Amber Schwartz Photography

Photo from tart Facebook by

Compliment your products with custom stickers

Packaging up any purchase gets that much more fun when you can throw in a custom sticker that reflects your customer's interests and reinforces your brand and your experience. Whether it's a kiss cut sticker like our friends at tart or if you're thinking about sticker sheets or silkscreen stickers, we have a custom sticker option that will help you stand out from the crowd. It might be an add-on like the vegetable stickers, or it might be a logo sticker that stacks on your vendor table at the craft market.

No matter the stage of your small business, if you're on etsy or your own website, you can use a sticker to share your story with the world.

Sticker Stories Podcast Episode 7: Brining Cucumbers and talking Matte Labels with Colorado Liquor Pickles


This week we welcome Jennifer and Jerry from Colorado Liquor Pickles, who mix beer and spirits with pickles. Two of nature’s greatest creations, just add labels. 

You can listen to the interview, and there's more about this episode below.

Top of Mind

Hamish talked all about our Matte Die Cut Stickers, which we've been promoting quite a bit this week on all of our social feeds. This new product offering means you can get custom shaped Die Cut Stickers with a matte finish that's much different than our glossy option. If you are looking for a sample pack to test these out, head to

Andrew wanted to make sure that everyone knew about our 24 days of Stickers stream on our Instagram, where we're highlighting fun seasonal stickers that feature a holiday design.

Sticker Story: Colorado Liquor Pickles


We started with their origin story. They lived in Colorado and left. When they returned from the East Coast, they started visiting breweries and then the lightbulb moment happened: brine the cucumbers in liquor. They started with beer, and it's been a non-stop journey since. They developed relationships local breweries, and then they started working with Spirit Hound Distillers in Lyons. They are juggling this business with other efforts, but they are fully dedicated to this project. In fact, some days, they'll spend 10 hours packing and doing production. Their story is similar to our founder story with John Fischer back in Episode 2, where he talks about starting StickerGiant in his home with his wife. It's great to see these news businesses in a similar stage, as it's exciting to start up something.

Hamish and Jerry geeked out a bit on bikes before we turned to their use of matte and glossy labels, and how they are constantly doing research and development on new recipes. They have chosen to go with Matte Labels for their products, for the way these labels fit with the craft appeal of their product Liquor Pickles. One bit of media they were excited about is their upcoming slot on Booze Traveler on the Travel Channel, which airs in January. They have a big year ahead in 2018, and you know we'll be following their story. Their new website is set to launch soon, and we'll get a link in here when it does.

End of Season One!

We are wrapping up season one, and we'll be back again 12th, January 2018, with a new lineup of content and guests. It will also be National Sticker Day, and we'll have plenty to talk about with Saul the World's Largest Sticker Ball.

We want to wish everyone a happy holiday season and thanks for listening this year. We are so very appreciative of all of the folks who have checked out a Live Friday or listened to an episode of the podcast. It means a lot, and we can't wait to share more Sticker Stories.

The podcast will be available to download in all the usual spots: iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, SoundCloud and Radio Public.

See you in 2018!

Music & Art

Opening music Cha Cappella – Jimmy Fontanez
Closing music My Rollercoaster – Kimya Dawson
Art Alan Peters - Jupiter Visual

Custom stickers help promote Cusa Tea, the world's first premium instant tea


In our modern times, we crave convenience and quality. Yet it's rare to find both in a small packet. Today, we'll highlight one Boulder, Colorado, entrepreneur that has found a way to bring an ancient leisure and wellness activity up to speed for the 21st century.

Cusa Tea can be made, hot or cold, in just three seconds. And the single-serving tea packs are all made with high-quality, USDA Organic certified teas and fruits, primarily from India and China with no added fillers, or sugar.

The entrepreneurs at Cusa Tea are using their custom logo stickers to help share their story, whether it's in orders or at trade shows, these portable promotional tools help reinforce their green logo and bold brand name.

Travel opens doors to new ideas

"I discovered my passion for tea when I visited the traditional tea shops of Hong Kong as a study-abroad student," says founder Jim Lamancusa. "I was inspired by southeast Asia during that first trip, and I ended up living in the region for over two and a half years."

For Lamancusa, that life-altering trip provided a new perspective on this beverage, and the region was an open-air classroom that gave him a real-world education in the craft and culture of tea. He visited tea plantations and shops throughout China and India, not in search of business opportunities, but rather because he loved the experience of finding the best cup of tea.

Lamancusa spent the next fifteen years working in various industries, promoting a range of goods, from eco-friendly food service packaging to high-end ski mountaineering gear. Oh, and drinking tea. Lots and lots of tea on his journey to developing and perfecting Cusa Tea

From concept to final product

Then, one weekend a few years back, Lamancusa was on a backpacking trip in the Colorado Rockies. While his camping party prepared breakfast, he noticed that his friends were all pouring instant coffee packets. He sat back and dunked his tea bag into his camp mug, both enjoying the moment and seeing the clouds of a brainstorm brewing.

That was the spark of invention for Lamancusa. Once he returned home, he started his tea experimentation. It didn't take long for him to innovate around the production methods for instant beverages. His goal was to highlight a new brewing and dehydration process, and it took nine months of planning and testing to get the result he wanted: a final product that reflected the flavor and nuance of high-quality tea, but in a container that delivered a perfect cup of premium organic tea in seconds.

Promote your brand with custom logo stickers

We see plenty of stories like Jim's every day in the sticker factory. We see honey brands, auto shops, music teachers, and dozens of small businesses that roll through the printers with their custom stickers. Each one is a story, and each story has a sticker. For Cusa Tea, it's a square kiss cut sticker. For the auto shop, it might be a oil change reminder window sticker. The honey company might be using a matte label. And these are just a few examples. But they all start with an idea, and they end with a sticker. Then that sticker travels the world and helps tell the story of that great idea.

Sticker Stories Podcast Episode 6: Promoting National Park Posters with custom stickers


Hello and welcome back for the sixth episode of the Sticker Stories Podcast, as we near the end of our first season.

This week we welcome Rob Decker from National Park Posters. He is the founder of the company as well as the artist creating the designs. All of his posters are printed on recycled domestically produced materials and use environmentally friendly soy based inks. Along with his posters, his designs are available on larger artist canvases, and as postcards. He now has his first sticker, which we will talk more about with him. You can listen to the interview, and there's more about this episode below.

Top of mind

Hamish brought us stickers of the week, starting with Friend of the Pod, from Pod Save America from Crooked Media, Andrew will be writing up a blog about their sticker for next week, so look out for it. Andrew gave a shoutout to Techstars and Google for Entrepreneurs Global Startup Weekend that is kicking off today and going through next week. Here's a few pictures of the stickers we spoke about.

episode 6 sticker mashup

On to the show

Then Hamish and Andrew welcomed Rob on the the show. Before we DOVE in and started talking about National Park Posters, Rob told us a little more about himself and his career as an artist. A cool story is that Rob studied photography with Ansel Adams in Yosemite National Park in 1979. Truly amazing. We learned that National Park Poster’s came about from his daughter's wedding and then a few Kickstarter campaigns, and that he's mostly a one man operation. We spoke in depth about the WPA as an inspiration for his pieces of art, and we learned that the Works Project Administration's main role was building large infrastructure projects during the Great Depression. But the WPA also played a role in arts education, and that's where Rob takes some of his inspiration for the modern day.

Marketing Posters with Stickers

Rob has a really strong social media following, and then he shared advice for other small business owners using these platforms. His main advice was creating great content and leveraging the Facebook advertising tools, and that he's visited every park he's drawn so it helps to do your research. Then we brought it back to stickers, and he spoke about his designs.

To close out we were able to open a few brand-new posters that arrived for our factory, and Rob walked us through creating some of these wonderful works of art.

Episode 7: Final show of the season

In December, we are planning on welcoming the team from My Beer Pickles. That’s right. Beer and pickles. Two of nature’s greatest creations. Just add labels.

Kiss cut stickers help When I Work communicate their powerful workplace scheduling tools


Communication is the lifeblood of any company, and When I Work aims to improve the conversation around workplace scheduling so organizations can spend more time growing their business.

On this kiss cut sticker, When I Work reinforces their unique scheduling solution by using their green three-lined logo wrapped in a circle with their brand name in bold black text, all printed on a custom rectangle shape.

From small businesses all the way up to large enterprise operations, management teams in nearly every industry have When I Work in place to improve communication and boost accountability. No more "When is my shift?" or "Do I work today?" questions or emails or frantic text messages from employees.

If this type of solution sounds right for your business, sign up for a free trial to check out the online scheduler, mobile apps, team messaging and high-touch support that the When I Work team offers for customers. This way, as a business owner, you don't have to worry about keeping track of random time-off and shift change requests, and you can stop rebuilding schedules by reviewing and approving employee requests in real-time. Managers wanto increase employee satisfaction while at the same time improving employee accountability, and with When I Work you'll possibly "save an average of 8 hours per week on employee scheduling and attendance." That's a powerful proposition.

As their site says, they serve a wide range of industries, from food service and retail shops to colleges and healthcare organizations. For companies that rely on hourly employees, solving the scheduling, communication, and collaboration problem could become easier for you and your team with When I Work. See if they work for you.

Redwood & Co.


We want to start this post by saying thank you to all the small businesses out there that make our small business what it is today.

Handcrafted for homes everywhere, Redwood & Co. is building and selling quality furniture, home decor, hand soaps, body lotions, pillows and more.

Redwood & Co. is a small business with a modern twist on traditional living started by Mark Wilkinson "Red" and Chris Wood "Wood." This boutique shop can be found in Wardensville, West Virginia, Staunton, Virginia and the worldwide web. A fun part of their brand is how they came up with the name given redwoods are more a California claim to fame.
"It all started as a joke with friends. Shortly after we met, they thought it would be funny to combine Mark’s hair color (Red, obviously) and Chris’s last name (Wood…) and refer to us as one. And it stuck. Now, almost ten years later, Redwood has become not only our personal brand, but now the brand for the business we’ve worked so passionately to create."

With the quality and care put into their products, they needed to match that with custom matte labels to put the right finishing touch on. Redwood & Co. printed up custom circle labels of their logo that work for an assortment of products and packaging. For their hand soaps and other body care products, they use the Redwood Soap Co. brand printed on custom sized labels that wrap around the bottles and boxes they are packaged in.

Keep standing tall, Redwood.