OOLY Products Let Customers Express Themselves and Create Their Happy


OOLY products are designed to help you "create your happy" at school, work or home. Their collection of vivid crafts and office supplies make it easy for anyone to express themselves in an otherwise black and white world.

Since 2005, they've been dreaming up all kinds of colorful, fresh and inspiring products full of unexpected delight. Their website is loaded with seriously fun stuff to make any space more fun, whether it's a craft room at home, a school classroom space, or a an office space. Not matter the space, OOLY has something extra special to spark your creativity and show the world.

Founded by Carol Pankiw-Tyner, OOLY has established itself as the home of color for creatives of all ages, and they have an assortment of writing, organization and art tools for anyone to fuel their creativity and live boldly.

In the image above, you can see the custom matte product labels that they use to brand their Happy Packs.  Below you'll see the Comic Attack Holiday Happy Pack that has a writable To/From area, and also the Nom Nom Donuts Happy Pack that has their brand name and tagline "Create Your Happy!"
These labels help showcase their whimsical branding, and in the case of the writeable matte label, they are providing some interactivity and customization for their customer when they give the sticker pack as a gift. Using a matte label as a holiday promotion on an existing product is a nice touch as well.

We love the way they describe the products on their website, which also highlights their brand's voice:
"You don’t need to go far to get both narwhals AND donuts. With this happy pack, you get the sweet donut-smelling goodness in the included sticker pack along with donut sticky tabs! And it all comes magically together with the Rainbow Glitter Wand Pen."

That's some awesome copywriting right there, and it makes you want to put two of those packs into your cart.=

OOLY Supports Education

One aspect of the OOLY brand that resonated is their #AddHappy mission. OOLY believes in the value of spreading joy, happiness and making connections through creative expression. They ask their customers to join them and #addhappy to every day, and by encouraging people to serves as partners in happy, they are helping the next generation of creative thinkers and innovators grow. The key to this mission is supporting students and teachers through their partnership with AdoptAClassroom.org. OOLY efforts focus on teacher grants for classroom supplies and school adoptions. This is a seriously awesome program that has provided tangible results. Check out this story about how OOLY and AdoptAClassroom.org adopted two schools in Ponce, Puerto Rico and donated $35,000 in funding and colorful school supplies to add happy to their classrooms.

Many classrooms are underfunded for basic necessities, let alone for creative supplies that spur imagination and encourage student expression. OOLY thinks it’s a big deal that every student should have the opportunity to discover more of themselves through the joy of art and creative expression. They believe that teachers are heroes who already do everything they can and shouldn’t have the burden of spending their own money to make a difference.
Our mission is to passionately provide fun and unique products that inspire creativity and self-expression for all. The “all” is very important to us and we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity and the tools to express their creativity.

They love to support underserved communities; teachers, students and programs that encourage creativity.

Connect with OOLY on Social Media

They also have a big social media presence. Right now they are encouraging fans to post a photo or video to their Instagram and tag @weareooly with #addhappy in the caption for a chance to win an OOLY prize pack. They will randomly select one winner on the first day of each of the four seasons (winter/spring/summer/fall). Head over to their social media accounts to learn more.

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  1. This is great! Colorful and so fun. I agree that we need to express ourselves with color and fun in this "otherwise black and white world." Thanks so much for introducing me to OOLY Products and how they are helping add joy to the classroom.

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