Owl Bot Promotes Their Film Production Products With Custom Labels


OWL BOT is a Los Angeles-based digital cinema company started by Kenny McMillan that specializes in original, branded, and short-form content. OWL BOT provides premium production and post production services as well as turnkey content creation for independent outlets and large corporations alike. From digital advertising and music videos to brand collaboration and high-end editing, OWL BOT can get it done.

The matte label you see on the canister above comes from the OWL BOT shop, where McMillan sells photography gear. This particular product is the 35mm to 120mm lens adapter. This allows photographers to shoot panoramic "Sprocket Shots" with the OWL Bot 3D Printed adapters by simply loading 35mm film into their Medium Format camera for widescreen film photography that includes the sprockets of the negative. Check out /r/SprocketShots to see what users have achieved with these unique adapters. There's also other products like a tool for color correction in post-production, t-shirts and pins. He runs a blog as well where stories are collected from projects and reviews. Kenny likes to call the blog a "collection of projects, inspired ramblings, shoddy sketches, half-assed calculations, crap predictions, insights, notions, hate mail, financial 'planning,' loose promises, and field notes." There's plenty of engaging content that helps educate and inspire potential customers and fellow creators.

Kenny has been making films for over a decade. Having plenty of experience in documentary-style shooting situations, Kenny is adept at achieving professional results from available resources. His prior work as a photographer for Red Bull gave him greater insight into the world of premium brand marketing and content creation, which he has carried through in to his commercial work. He also writes for ProVideoCoalition.com reviewing new film equipment and covering local industry events. When not making films, Kenny can usually be found in the mountains of Colorado or behind the lens of his Mamiya RZ67.

McMillan's love of stickers is apparent. "Usually I make a sticker design for putting up on the street, ski mountains, friends laptops/water bottles, and then once those stickers are gone they're gone," says McMillan. "That way I know right around when a sticker went up, it's kind of like sticker anthropology. If I see someone with the first bar logo sticker, I know they've been around for a minute."

"I couldn't have started a company without having a strong sticker game." -Kenny McMillan, OWL Bot

Check out the OWLColor tool video that Kenny made and wrote up for the website.

Pretty cool video and use of custom tech to really push your visual game to the next level. If you're interested, dear reader, you can connect with OWL Bot on their Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, and YouTube.