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Dive In with Roatan Underwater Photography


Just when we thought all we needed was a phone to get a good picture, underwater photography still alludes us. That is where Roatan Underwater Photography splashes in with the specialization and training it takes to get great pictures of the world under the sea.

Roatan Underwater Photography was started by Francesca Diaco, who has been a professional underwater photographer since 2006 and has shot photos all over the globe. Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands of Honduras and is a beautiful location for diving. Roatan Underwater Photography is about a lot more than just taking photos though:
"We offer a wide range of personalized training programs for every skill level, as well as a full range of professional services.  Our goal is to provide one creative space that meets all your underwater photography needs -- personalized training, underwater photo sessions, trip planning, customized workshops, camera rentals, fine art prints, marketing and promotional materials and more."

For promoting their services, Roatan Underwater Photography went to the Scuba Show 2016 fully stocked with promotional materials, including custom logo stickers to spread the word of this opportunity to travel to a beautiful place and learn more about photography.

Dive in and check out Roatan Underwater Photography for some awesome photos of the sea including some great shots of sharks. Shark Week is coming soon...


Side note, we do not recommend diving in the ocean with stickers... the adhesive does not agree with sea water. However, the stickers hold up great to the elements and also are printed with a UV laminate.


Filter it with Polar Pro

Polar Pro

Who doesn't love awesome video footage of people doing the craziest things we can imagine? Now, film that GoPro footage with filters to really sharpen images and enhance the artistic visuals being captured. Polar Pro are the experts in creating attachable filters for GoPros and other devices to improve the filming experience.

Polar Pro started in Santa Barbara, California in 2011 with a simple polarizer filter. This filter was improved in the next year to snap on to GoPros and was the first of its kind. Polar Pro was started with a youth movement of innovation, and they continue that with all their employees staying active and going out to test their products and continually improve them.

Polar Pro continues to expand its accessories for GoPros, with extension poles, hard cases, and specialized mounts. They also have filters for the Sony ActionCam, and a couple DJI drone cameras.

Polar Pro is the perfect next step for anyone who purchases a GoPro, and in line with the GoPro, Polar Pro includes a sticker sheet of three stickers to represent their brand with your new toys.

Check out this awesome video from Polar Pro.

Here at StickerGiant, we have a DJI Phantom 3, and use it for flyovers of customers and sponsored events. Keep an eye on StickerGiant and subscribe to our YouTube channel. The StickerGiant drone could pay a visit to your shop soon.

Shutterstock Stickers


Shutterstock gets the pictures to the people. We're proud to have printed this set of super cool stickers for them.

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in New York City, Shutterstock is an innovative technology company, operating in more than 150 countries and 10 languages. As a two-sided marketplace, our mission is to connect creative professionals with the best photos, vectors, illustrations and video from thousands of contributors around the world.

The live ticker on Shutterstock's website touts that (as of this writing) they offer a positively mind-boggling 22,657,499 royalty-free stock images and that 77,443 new stock images were added this week. If you can't find it here, there's a good chance you might not find it at all.

Shutterstock is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as SSTK.

Fuzzy Pickles

Okay, everybody: Hold still...don't move...say, FUZZY PICKLES! Say what? At Fuzzy Pickles Studio in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, their photographers eschew the dairy and go strait for the pucker.
We’ve found that telling kids to smile and trying to force smiles on them is one of the worst things you can do if you’re aiming for a beautiful and natural portrait. So at the portrait shoppe you won’t hear “say cheese!” Instead, you’ll hear us telling jokes to the kids, doing looney tunes style slapstick comedy, and making them laugh by asking them if they eat fuzzy pickles, or if they smell stinky feet in the room. Then, when the kids start laughing, not only do they have more fun but their portraits are natural and more beautiful, as we capture them as they are, not as someone has told them to be.

Ah, we get it. Cute! And perhaps this could be a guarantee to that the whole family will loosen up, not take themselves too seriously, and avoid the mistakes of the past. Sure, a picture's worth a thousand words; but Grandma's going to display that painful group mullet shot over her fireplace forever. Forever!

Spider Holster

If Quick Draw McGraw made a mid-life career change and decided to follow his passion and become a photographer, you'd better believe he'd cling to his roots just a bit with a Spider Holster.

Spider Holster makes life easier for professional shooters of the memory-capturing variety.
Get your DSLR from hip to hands in a flash and change the way you carry your camera with the SpiderPro Camera Carrying System.

So if Quick Draw's shooting weddings and portraits, whatever happened to Baba Looey? He found work as a wedding DJ, last we heard.

Blair Phillips Photography

blair phillips photography

If you are looking for a Greensboro, NC area Wedding Photographer they don't get any better than this. Blair came to us for a simple sticker to use to promote his business and we came through with this awesome 1-color design on vinyl.

The sticker we made for him is actually much smaller than this, but we put it into a typical photo studio setting to have some fun with the image and create some juicy eye candy, something Blair does well.