Driving Brand Awareness With Stickers for Business - From QR Code Stickers to Static Clings for Windows


When it comes to running a business, getting the word out is the most important thing you can do. Stickers for business is an exciting and growing segment, primarily in the use of QR codes (below) and UPC codes on retail stickers (above).

Let's discuss a few ways that businesses can use stickers to promote a brand and drive awareness.

Hang Tag Cut Retail Stickers

The Rocky Mountains Bluedogs sticker in the image above is from our sample pack, and it's a mock retail product sticker design that we printed up to showcase a few really key elements for a sticker as product: a hang tag die cut that pops out of the design for easy point-of-purchase display, two peel off logo sticker designs that a potential customer will love, and the UPC scan code on the bottom of the design. If you're selling these for a fixed price, you can just add that piece of text to the design and you have an instant product. If you want to leave the price off so that other vendors can sell your product at a price that works for their customers you could leave a blank price area. You could also add a SKU to this design for seamless inventory tracking.

Branded QR Codes On Custom Stickers


We've covered a few brand that have embedded QR codes into their sticker designs. One story from photographer FluffyShotMe used a QR code on his custom logo sticker while traveling so he could track those interactions and measure website traffic and sales. The podcast Long May They Run printed up a sticker sheet with multiple branded peel offs for their show, and then they had a QR code that went to the audio player on their website to drive listens for the podcast. In our "Get Down to Business Sticker Sheet," we have seven different peel offs that are whimsical designs, with minimal branding. Then there is the branded QR code that scans to our Stickers for Business website page with even more ideas for businesses.

Static Window Clings For Small Businesses


The photo above is a face adhesive static cling sticker taken from the exterior of a window. The colors shine through the reflection and help signal a passerby with a the large text and bright red background. This static cling is also found in our sample pack, if you want to test out this material for your custom printed static clings. Check out the static cling from the inside looking out. Since it's applied indoors, the Static Cling has a long lifespan for grabbing the attention of potential customers. You can post business hours on a static cling, you can use them as a fun element for rotating, seasonal window display (hello window art!), and you can use them to show your local business affiliations.


Logo Stickers and Sticker Packs


We were really tipped off to logo stickers in sticker packs in a recent customer story and podcast episode from the mural artist Kiptoe, who digitizes his amazing wall-sized murals and then puts them into sticker packs that he sells on his website. Another great example of sticker packs for sale comes from the brand OOLY, who uses custom labels to give their "Happy Packs" a unique look.

When it comes to sticker packs and stickers for sale, there's no limit to the creative potential. You can also package up your logo and other fun designs to use them as promotional items, or as product inventory to give customers an affordable piece of your brand to help represent their passion for what you do.

As a business owner, your goal is to create experiences for your customers that turn them into fans for life who come back for more and who promote your business far and wide. A sticker is just one way build that brand loyalty, but that interaction can come in many forms, whether it's a code that takes someone to your website, or if it's a sticker that they slap on the bumper of their car. Every sticker has a story, what will your stickers say about your business?



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