Startup Week Chattanooga 2016


Startup Week Chatanooga

Startup Week Chattanooga (AKA #startupweekcha) is a celebration of Chattanooga’s entrepreneurial community. This multi-day experience will feature a number of community-led events that highlight our growing startup scene and inspire entrepreneurial thinking.

They have their square logo with the event name in bold and they break up the word Chattanooga into two lines and bold CHA as part of their local branding StartupCHA. It's good use of wordplay in branding, and the bright abstract color blocks behind help make the logo pop. Their logo stands out even more printed on white as custom stickers to hand out to attendees.

Participants include some of the most amazing startup founders, thought leaders, community supporters, investors, and technorati in town, all of whom make Chattanooga an incredible place to live, work, and play. They showcase the very best of Chattanooga – its can-do attitude, its innovative spirit, and above all its people.