Unicorn Taco Combines Two of the Internet's Favorite Things


When it comes to internet culture these days, few things are as popular as emojis. We communicate through symbols, and people love to express themselves through these simple images.

That's why Will Scruby decided to combine unicorns and tacos, two of the internet's favorite things, into one lifestyle brand called Unicorn Taco.

Of course we're big fans of the die cut sticker you see above, but fans of both unicorns and tacos will love the many apparel options that are on the online store. From flip flops to face masks, there's something for everyone that's adorned with the unicorn taco character.

Creating a lifestyle brand wasn't the original plan, says Will. "I bought unicorntaco.com on a whim one late night, he said. "There really wasn’t a ton of substance to it at first.  I just thought it was funny and people really seem to love it, children and adults alike."

Now he's been able to spend time and build out the store, and products are being added as he comes up with them. He started an Instagram for “Jimmy Cheese,” which is what he calls the Unicorn Taco. He plans on tracking Jimmy’s adventures around the world with the hashtag #wheresjimmycheese.

Custom Stickers For Lifestyle Brands

When it comes to starting a lifestyle brand, stickers can often be the best place to start. We have many different lifestyle segments that use custom die cut logo stickers or custom phrase stickers that fit into the brand aesthetic. Check out one episode from our podcast and one of the many stories on our blog with more examples about lifestyle brands and sticker variety. The more options you give to your fans to share your story, the more engagement you create for your business, and that's how to succeed with stickers

"Now I hand out stickers to people and make sure that I slap some up whenever I’m in a new place to promote the store," says Will. "It’s fun to give out the stickers and spread joy."

Now that's something fans of stickers, unicorns and tacos can support.