WordPress Y'all! Get ready Austin, Birmingham and New York City, it's time for a WordCamp weekend and Wapuu stickers

WordCamp Austin and WordCamp Birmingham stickers

Wapuu-themed WordCamp stickers and sticker sheets are traveling to three different cities this weekend, with Austin, Birmingham and New York City on the list. Aficionados of WordPress will gather to celebrate the web's favorite content management and development platform, and learn a whole bunch in the process.

For each locale, Wapuu is ready to code and play with a local theme. Down in Austin, Wapuu is keeping it weird with a tie-dyed shirt and a scrumptious street taco, Birmingham Wapuu is doing some metal work with some serious sideburns and in New York City Wapuu has stolen Lady Liberty's crown and he's climbing the Empire State Building. Wapuu really has all the fun.

WordCamp Austin went with a simple kiss cut sticker for their design as you can see in the photo above, which means that the backing is slightly larger than the sticker. They'll be able to pass these out during the event and stack them all over their WordCamp for their fans. WordCamp Birmingham has a three-peel sheet with an Alabama state outline featuring their event branding, the hard-working Wapuu and a phrase "WP Y'all" that's the perfect mix of subtlety: you get the WordPress reference and the southern drawl.

WordCamp NYC Clear Sticker Sheet

WordCamp NYC went with our clear sticker product for their sticker sheet, which is why you see the blue background. We do that on the artwork proof so people know that the backing will be clear. This sheet has the three different treatments of their event logo design, which is the Empire State Building and the WordPress badge in one. Then of course our cuddly friend Wapuu scaling the building with the Statue of Liberty crown. With four total stickers, this make for a fun and portable piece of brand collateral.

WordCamp NYC 2017 sticker sheet

As with any WordCamp, it's all about the volunteers and the organizing team, so we wanted to give a shout to all of the hard work they've put in leading up to this weekend. As you can see below, Wapuu is ready to roll thanks to the creative and talented designers who made sure he had everything he needed to rock his WordCamp appearances.