Saul, the Original World’s Largest Sticker Ball’s Excellent Adventure


Saul got his start as a wee ball of stickers in 2015, crumpled together and held high as the ball got rolling. As of January 13, 2016, he was crowned with his own Guinness World Record for the first ever Largest Sticker Ball, weighing in at 231.6 pounds. Since then he has grown steadily, venturing out to events and enlisting help from his fans to keep growing his size by adding stickers. After seeing so much of northern Colorado, Saul was ready to hit the road, and see the sites, and of course, meet more people that would add stickers to his weight!


In March of 2019, his dreams of a road trip came true, and Saul hit the road with a few of his favorite Giants (StickerGiant employees), and the #LargestStickerBall went on an Excellent Adventure all the way to San Diego, CA. His final destination was Social Media Marketing World, where he got to meet thousands of social marketers from all over the world, gained a lot of new sticker weight, and had tons of fun pictures taken with all of his new friends at the event.


Saul-the-World_s-Largest-Sticker-Ball-Met-the-World_s-Largest-Watermelon-Slice-in-Utah-with-StickerGiantHe saw the mountains of western Colorado, and his first ski resort, with a stop at the top of Loveland Pass. Getting out of the warm van in the snow was a bit cold, but totally worth it! During a quick stop in Utah, Saul got to meet another Guinness Record Holder, the World’s Largest Watermelon Slice. After this, Saul knew he still had a lot of growing he could do, and continued on his mission to meet more people, and gain more sticker weight!




Saul knew he couldn’t go through Nevada without a stop in Sin City, and seeing the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. Since he’s not old enough to try his luck in a casino, Saul settled with getting some great photos in front of the iconic sign, meeting a few new families, and is now wonder if Elvis is still alive after meeting a very convincing impersonator.



Seeing the Pacific Ocean in San Diego, CA was one of Saul’s favorite stops. Even though he didn’t get to go for a swim, he did get to meet some StickerGiant customers from California! Then it was off to Social Media Marketing World for 3 more days of fun, and feeling famous with all the pictures his new friends took of him at the event.


On the way back home, Saul made sure to see one of the biggest natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon. Sitting at the edge, Saul knew it was a match made in heaven, and the team said it was difficult to get him to leave. He loves the mountains, but getting to be in the presence of one of the biggest canyons in the world gave him inspiration to keep growing himself!



With so many great memories, we were sure to capture all the excitement Saul had along the way with photos and videos of his Excellent Adventure! Check out more of his journey with the videos below, and follow along to be sure to catch the next adventure Saul takes (it’s going to be hard to keep him home now that he has a touch of wanderlust).



See what led up to Saul’s Excellent Adventure, and what it takes to get him on the road for a cross-country journey from Colorado to California!



Watch along as Saul sees Utah for the first time, meets the World’s Largest Watermelon Slice, and tries his luck in Las Vegas (or gets some excellent photos with the iconic sign).



Saul makes it to San Diego, CA, sees the beach for the first time, and meets thousands of digital marketers at Social Media Marketing World, and rounds out his trip with a visit to the Grand Canyon.