Business Talk: Stickers, Labels and The Cannabis Industry


Today: Cannabis in America

For the nearly 60% of Americans that support the legalization of cannabis,  April 20th (or 4/20) marks the annual "St. Patrick's Day of Marijuana," where people gather and celebrate wearing green, just instead of four-leaf clovers, it's the trident shape of the cannabis plant.


Image from Wikipedia, Cannabis in the United States.

Where we print stickers in Longmont, our city decided on a moratorium on marijuana/ hemp growing, producing and sales,  yet within city limits (but on unincorporated Boulder County land) we have four dispensaries, one hemp grow, and you can but CBD bars at the market down the road.

These days, the true story of this now-infamous date is, naturally, lost among the haze of history. There's no mistaking the present time, where cannabis is big business and our home state of Colorado bringing in nearly one billion dollars of cannabis sales in 2015 during the second year of legal marijuana. The industry shows no signs of slowing down; just see this week's Denver Westword--the weekly city magazine--and the 60 pages of advertising for cannabis in a 128-page issue, including glossy inserts. That's serious green for a magazine's ad coffers.

Custom Stickers in the Cannabis Industry

Last year around this time, we printed stickers for the SXSW premiere of Rolling Papers, the 2014 documentary focusing on Ricardo Baca and his team at Denver Post's Cannabist website and their coverage of the first year of legal cannabis in Colorado. (It's a solid movie worth watching, if you're into this new world in American culture.)

Fast forward a year, and now we're printing stickers for Chiefton Supply Company, who is partnering with the Cannabist for branded apparel. They came up with four solid designs, from basic logo to intricate art pieces. You can see them in the image at the top of this post. They will make for great laptop, bumper, notebook or you-name-it stickers.

We print a fair amount of stickers and labels for marijuana industry businesses here in Colorado, and we also print for companies all across America, which has seen 23 states and the District of Columbia institute some kind of acceptable use or possession of cannabis.

That one billion dollars of sales means stickers and labels for vaporizers, childproof containers, pipes, rolling papers, edible packages, event tables at expos and conferences, lotions, tinctures, oils and the entire suite of marketing collateral that each brand brings to the table.

Just like Colorado cannabis companies have to track marijuana from "seed to sale," StickerGiant has a label product that grow and travel with those products: whether it's for a grow house plant, a jar in a dispensary or a container that goes home with a customer, StickerGiant can help.