Stickers (and Labels) Are Everywhere This National Sticker Day 2023

LONGMONT, Colo. - January 13, 2023 is fast approaching, and the team at StickerGiant is preparing for National Sticker Day, the holiday celebrated by sticker fans of all ages.

In 2023, National Sticker Day will be in its eighth year honoring all things stickers and labels, because stickers are everywhere, which is the theme of the latest video promoting National Sticker Day. For this edition, StickerGiant wants fans of all ages to stop and look around and notice that stickers (and labels) are everywhere!

Since partnering with National Calendar Day for the first National Sticker Day in 2016, StickerGiant has brought to the world Saul the Sticker Ball and many other characters known as the Sticker Friends, including characters like Laser Shark and Roy G. Biv.

There are so many ways to use stickers and labels, and they act as portable billboards that let people express themselves and their passions.

As the founders of National Sticker Day in 2016, we wanted to bring attention to how much these sticky little things surround us, because it's easy to forget in our busy lives. We’re asking that sticker fans use the hashtags #NationalStickerDay and #ShowUsYourStickers.

Sticker and Label Trends

Check out some of the sticker and label trends we are following this year ahead.

Sticker Book Aesthetic
The new year brings a fresh start for people, especially those in the planner and notebook space. There's nothing quite like starting a new journal in the new year, and that means new stickers all over your favorite notebook or journal. The concept of the "Sticker Book Aesthetic" is one trend that we're highlighting in the new year, and this writeup from 99designs highlights other trends in packaging design that certainly find their way into stickers and labels, especially when it comes to novel uses of patterns and color and bold implementation of typography. Naturally, using a sticker book concept is a great idea, especially if you’re printing sticker sheets to include with your planner or notebook either as a freebie or as a product that’s for sale.
We’ve seen this trend for some time, as the planner community is a great source of inspiration and stories in our factory. When it comes to being a maker or a small business owner that might want to capture the sticker book aesthetic, there are stickers and labels that can help with that.

Digital Stickers
Did you know that StickerGiant has a digital sticker and animated GIF collection on Giphy? Yep, and it's one of our favorite trends of the past few years as GIFs and memes take over social media. Of course we have a whole collection devoted to National Sticker Day, where even Saul takes part in the fun.

Stickers in Real Life
One thread is constant for us, and that’s stickers themselves. In 2022, there were many trends and memes that found their way into our factory. One trend that’s continually growing is the Laptop and Water Bottle Sticker, which is basically the new Bumper Sticker. When it comes to this type of sticker, size does matter, and we explained the similarities and differences between bumper and laptop stickers in a blog post.

Stickers in real life help fans of all kinds, and as you'll see in the image below, a QR code can take that real-life interaction and transfer it into a digital experience for your brand. We're all about helping businesses gain exposure with stickers in the real world that lead to conversion in an online environment.
Another trend that’s been top of mind is the “Unboxing” experience and how our customers create that moment for their customers.

We highlighted how to use stickers and labels to create a memorable unboxing experience, and there’s nothing quite like that moment of delight when you open something that you ordered and there's free stickers in the box that you can use to promote your favorite brand.

Sharing Customer Stories On Our Podcast
Stickers on the Mic Podcast
We share our customers' sticker stories on our podcast, Stickers on the Mic. In 2022, we were able to profile businesses of all kinds, from startups to solo artists and from national organizations to local breweries.

Whether it was an owners like Jacklyn Rasmussen, who started Northern Ties in the pandemic and hit it big with the TikTok Viral Hoodie, or philanthropic organizations like the Otis Redding Foundation, which champions Redding’s legacy and children’s music education in Macon, Georgia, the podcast helped share 20 different stories that highlight the amazing things our customers are doing with stickers and labels to promote their products and services.

Rolling With Saul
Of note for this year, Saul the Original World’s Largest Sticker Ball is asking his fans to share their favorite stickers online using #ShowUsYourStickers. He can’t wait to see everyone on January 13th, when we all truly Stick Together.

Every Sticker Has A Story, Show Us Yours!

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