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Castle Building @StickerGiant

Castle Building

StickerGiant has an exciting new announcement to make. In its second big strategic move this year, (See Dishwashing Made Easy @StickerGiant), we at StickerGiant are rolling out the purple carpet to treat all our customers like royalty with a new product.

We aim to thrill at StickerGiant. For this reason, we are now offering custom built castles for our customers.

"We are always looking to provide new benefits for our customers. The name 'StickerGiant' implies big things and in order to deliver, we decided to build custom castles," stated John Fischer, CEO.

That's right. StickerGiant will now build you your own custom castle.

Have you always wanted to feel like royalty? Need a wall to keep out your competitors? Or maybe a moat?

Our custom designed castles are offering similar options to our custom stickers and labels. Quality materials, free die cutting, quality color, artwork services, and quick turnaround. Send us your castles designs by 12pm Mountain Time and we will have it built for next day ribbon cutting. Castles with mazes, moats, and elaborate jousting tournament areas may take a few extra days to turn around.

Every Castle has a story. It might not be as portable as a sticker but your huge stone castle on the hill can be custom branded to make sure everyone knows you are the King (or Queen)!

(Damsels in distress not included)


Meet Custom Sticker Specialist Maureen!

StickerGiant employee Maureen aka "Moe"

It's no secret that we here at StickerGiant love our customers - you're the reason we exist! It's fun to create such uniquely awesome stickers while we get to know our customers and their brands. But do you know who we are?

Meet StickerGiant's longest-term employee, Maureen. She's affectionately known as "Moe" around the office, and has been with us for over a decade now. Much like a marriage, she's stuck with us through thick and thin, better or worse, and is an incredibly integral part of the team. If you've ever placed a custom sticker order, you've no doubt had interactions with Moe, who is our Custom Sticker Specialist.

We asked Moe if she's ever caught a mistake that saved our company time and money, and this is what the lovely lady had to say:

"What I’ve done most is always stepped up and stepped in where I knew I could be the most productive and support others so they could be most productive and do what they do best."

Great job, Moe! We couldn't do it without you.

Over the years, we've learned that Moe enjoys a healthy dose of competition and loves to win trophies of all sorts. Her desk here at StickerGiant is covered with various awards she's had the pleasure of winning, including a few years' worth of Halloween costume winnings. We've enjoyed getting to know Moe over the years, and hope you've enjoyed this look into her life, too!

Are you ready to get to know more of our staff? Register to receive our 3rd annual StickerGiant cookbook and enjoy learning more about Moe and other staff members for yourself. Enjoy!


StickerGiant's Commitment to Sustainable Business Practices

stickergiant sustainable wind powered business Recently a customer of ours named Colleen wrote in to ask us whether we adhere to environmentally conscious business practices. We get this question occasionally and are very proud to answer with details about the ways we are currently working to be more environmentally-friendly.

Our plan in 2014 is to pursue a full B Corporation Certification to ensure that all aspects our our company is managed in a way that will support both social and environmental stewardship. But even without the certification which takes time and dedication, we feel that it is our responsibility as conscious human beings to take the initiative and adhere to this mission regardless.

Sticker Customer Colleen:

Hello, we've been working with you for a few years now to supply stickers (of course). In addition to using wind power for your operation, are there any other sustainable or green practices that you have implemented? A client of ours is asking. Thank you!

Response by StickerGiant owner, John Fischer:

Colleen, Thanks so much for asking, we really appreciate when clients care about the stuff that matters. Starting in 2011 we began following lean manufacturing practices which effectively reduced our waste incrementally every year. Last year we reduced waste by 27K pounds over traditional manufacturing methods.

We also are EPA a green manufacturing partner, details of which can be found here:

Not only is our plant wind powered, our supply chain includes wind powered partners:

Cheers and Thanks,

John Fischer, The StickerGiant

StickerGiant To Host Brewed in Boulder 2014


Next Thursday join us for Brewed in Boulder event and enjoy StickerGiant's first ever 100% locally sourced collaboration beer with West Flanders Brewing Company. Participation is even more of a no brainer when you learn that this event is being organized specifically to support Boulder-based Local Food Shift Group, a non-profit that promotes localizing our food supply!

Can there be a better way to celebrate April Fool’s week than to support the local economy, environment, and your own food-based health by quaffing this local brew?

West Flanders Brewing has generously agreed to donate $1.00 of each collaboration beer pint sold during this happy hour to Local Food Shift’s sustainable food sourcing efforts. StickerGiant has agreed to match the donation, dollar-for-dollar and we were honored to be joined in funds-matching by American Moving and Storage, and Felix-Fun Team: PosterBrain, SurveyGizmo, and Snap Engage.

Possibly more significant is the co-organizing collaborative power we additionally received by sponsors Ship Compliant, Impact Hub Boulder, and Local Food Shift. Thanks to their time dedication and local influence, this event is shaping up to be a Must Attend--so don't miss it!

Thanks also to additional sponsors/co-organizers:

Jupiter Visual

Lisa Patchem Photography

Oh, Wow Gourmet Foods - WOW your taste buds

Chain Reaction Brewing Company Announces Opening

chain reaction brewing announces location on saturday

We spotted an announcement this week that our awesome nano-brewery customers Chain Reaction Brewing Company  will be announcing their exact location on Saturday February 8th on the Colorado Craft Beer Show.

Craft beer show host John Turk will be on 12 until 2 and will have the pleasure of officially uncovering the details about their secret location.


Have any guesses about where Chain Reaction's brewery project has landed? Tell us in the comments below and automatically enter to win a Brewery Sticker Fun Pack to add to your beer-obsessed schwag collection.

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