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StickerGiant Fan of the Week: Diana (aka Navy Mom)

We're proud to share this message from one of our super fans from Florida. Diana—also known as "Navy Mom"—bought some of our many U.S. Navy stickers and temporary tattoos and graciously shared her enthusiasm with us. StickerGiant: I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't wait ... [Read More]
LBT Custom Shaped Stickers

London Bridge Trading Company

There's authentic and there's imitation. Cheese, crab, diamonds—even military gear. If you're into high-heeled combat boots...well, the world has a term for that and have a nice day. But if you're looking for the real deal, you need to check out London Bridge Trading Company. And hey: ... [Read More]
Die Cut Circle Stickers printed by StickerGiant for Fleet Reserve Club of Annapolis

Fleet Reserve Club of Annapolis

Since 1946 the Fleet Reserve Club of Annapolis, Maryland has been a haven of traditions, good times, and Naval fraternity. And in more recent times, Karaoke. The Fleet Reserve Club of Annapolis is located in beautiful downtown Annapolis at 100 Compromise Street. From our dock and rooftop ... [Read More]
Round Kiss Cut Stickers for PACT3 printed and shipped by StickerGiant

P-3 Aircrew Tactical Team Trainer

A project of  the Naval Research Laboratory, the P-3 Aircrew Tactical Team Trainer (PACT3) has one goal: "improving anti-submarine warfare skills." That's right: Top Gun in real life. The Department of the Navy's Office of Naval Research (ONR) provides the science and technology ... [Read More]