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Sticker Exclusive: Social Media Day Denver 2017 Stickers can Rule the Posts


Let's all get social with custom stickers on the day that celebrates the good things about social media.

This Friday, June 30th is Social Media Day Denver, where there is a line up of great speakers and content all to talk up the positive impact of social media and the ways it has influenced how the world does business. They also have added in some rad, colorful custom stickers that make easy and fun content for social posts of attendees and presenters. Let's see those stickers everyone.

It's touted as a "Mile High Influence' with the line up speakers talking about a variety of subjects, including lot of things related to content and how to use live video. There will also be tips & tricks of the trade for people to put in action right away.

In celebrating the event, we sponsored Social Media Day Denver with some rectangle shaped die cut stickers, that shout out the call to action of their hashtag #SMDayDEN and list their website. These make a nice swag item for everyone coming to grab so the information is handy.

We are big fans of social media so it's special to be involved as a sponsor to celebrate it. Social Media has been a wildly successful and fun way to engage with all of you over the years through various channels using images and videos of the StickerGiant shop.

Whether you're in Denver attending, or not, it's the perfect day to celebrate social media by showing off your custom stickers on some posts.

University of Northern Colorado Snapchat


In today's college landscape, there are many tools for communicating with students, faculty, staff and families, and as the old saying goes: you have to meet your audience on their turf. So, the team at University of Northern Colorado in Greeley is doing just that with special targeted Snapchat stickers. If you're not completely familiar with Snapchat, it's a personal messaging system based on visual messages that disappear after a period of time. Not entirely the domain of the young, this social media platform has taken the media world by storm since it's inception a few years ago, and now major university's are hopping on board to promote their unique brand of education and mission.

These custom stickers feature the university's scannable Snapchat code, plus linked to every other social platform used by the school. By adding this decidedly analog layer next to their digital channels means that the folks in Greeley have a distinct presence in the real world, too, and one that's viral in a non-tech way. We love to print custom stickers for schools of all sizes and levels, whether it's the local PTO or a top-tier university like UNC-Greeley. What's really great is that the entire university is embracing social media, with each department promoting their own accounts via the university page.

You can connect with the UNC Bears on all of their social platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and of course Snapchat.



Colorado: Land of the Code and Free

HackCU Zach Dischner StickerGiant

Photo from Zach Dischner on Flickr

Happy Friday, internet friends. As you know by now, Friday means a status update from the sponsorship desk, and boy do we have a treat for y’all!


It’s no secret that Colorado is the crossroads of American technology, with startups in Boulder and Denver making major waves that crash on the coasts from east to west, and these waves often start as little swells in weekend events like HackCU, the University of Colorado's first-ever national hackathon. They set this event up as beginner friendly and a safe space for college students to learn and network with other hackers, makers, and builders. Their claiming that this is going to be the largest collegiate hackathon within 800 miles, and we’re betting that they’re probably right. Teams of up to four people will be hacking (hygienically) for 36 straight hours, from Friday, April 10th to  Sunday, April 12th. We’re grouped with some really rad sponsors, and we’ll be following the action on the HackCU twitter feed. Attendees will be mentored by some truly bright people, and there’s no doubt that something big will come from this weekend. It’s always so cool to see young people coding and building things in such a short span of time, and it’s a testament to their creativity and stamina (and ability to work without sleep or shower!) that these events get pulled off.

Code clean and hack fast, HackCU!

Larry Lamsa Go Code Colorado StickerGiant

Photo from Larry Lamsa

Go Code Colorado

Now we’re gonna zoom out from the People’s Republic of Boulder to the entire State of Colorado for Go Code Colorado. Folks, this event is kind of a big deal, and it proves with major pudding that Colorado is the current tech capital of these United States.

Go Code Colorado is a statewide effort, the first and only effort of its kind, and it unites Colorado’s thriving community of entrepreneurs, business partners, and developers. The challenge? To make use of public data through a series of events.
The three teams deemed the best are awarded a contract with the state—an invaluable first customer to a fledgling business that provides critical initial revenue. Go Code Colorado is an initiative through the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office, which seeks to return value to Colorado businesses from business registration fees they collect.

These events center around a challenge weekend in five cities across the state, engaging the entire state in two days of innovation around the use of public data. Teams in each of the five cities compete to build apps that use public data to help businesses make smarter decisions. Two teams from each city move on in the competition, getting help from a network of mentors—including a Mentor Weekend in Boulder—as they further develop their ideas. The teams come back together again for a Final Event where they pitch their ideas to judges.

-copy from Go Code Colorado page

And here’s the skinny on the project that teams will be working on, straight from the Go Code Colorado Page:
Each Go Code Colorado team must build an app that addresses a Problem Statement. The Problem Statements come directly from the business community. Last fall, we convened a Business Challenge Workshop where we asked business decision makers what problems they face that could be addressed through better access to public data. This gives a peek into market feasibility—these are problems that business leaders themselves (the customers for the apps that teams create) have told us they’d like solved.”

Spread out over two months, the event kicks off April 10-12 with the Challenge Weekend happening in Durango, Grand Junction, Fort Collins, Denver, and Colorado Springs. Then on the weekend of April 24th, the Mentor Weekend for the Finalists happens, followed by Code Review on May 17th. The Final Competition will happen May 21, and we’ll be following along and updating you all as the event unfolds.

If you’re on Twitter, check out the local hashtags for your region: #GoCodeBldr, #GoCodeCoS, #GoCodeDen, #GoCodeDgo or #GoCodeFoCo.

Check out this video to get a closer look at Go Code Colorado 2015


5 Ways to Use Facebook to Drive Holiday Sales


The holidays are upon us, and many small to mid-size business owners are left wondering about the best ways to take advantage of seasonal sales growth.  The holidays offer many great ways for business owners to capitalize on holiday Facebook marketing campaigns, but many are left wondering where to start.

While Facebook campaigns are a great opportunity for business' to show appreciation for their existing customers, share holiday spirit, and even attract the attention of new leads and fans, how can you make the most of your Facebook marketing strategy? Here are 5 great examples of ways some of our customers are using Facebook to drive sales this season that you can use to inspire your own social media marketing campaigns this season.

Butler Motorcycle Maps: Create a Facebook Offer


Butler Motorcycle Maps created a Facebook Offer to extend the reach of their offer promotion. Businesses can expect to pay anything from $120-$481+ to create a special promoted offer on Facebook and receive much needed exposure that will remind shoppers to patronize them. Though the minimum price tag might seem a tad out of budget, we encourage brand managers with a decent Facebook followership to test the functionality at least once and document the sales impact.

What makes this tactic successful?

Butler Motorcycle Maps is not only showcasing a great use of Facebook marketing tactics, but the small company is also able to compete in a holiday market that is historically dominated by big box stores. Furthermore, they are helping to drive sales that will benefit their brand recognition for the long term by exposing potential leads to their message at a time when customers are especially aware of products like theirs as they scramble to find the perfect gift for their loved ones.

Loot Crate: Boost a Post


Loot Crates' monthly subscription service delivers crates of product to geeks packed with different unique items every month. And to really keep their product relevant, they are showcasing a line of their geeky holiday ornaments shown above. Though we can't prove without a doubt that this post was boosted using Facebooks Post Boost Functionality, the 40 shares indicated at the bottom of the post suggest that they probably got extra exposure by paying to further promote the post.

Costs to promote posts with a Boost can range anywhere from $10-$1,000+. But we warned. Keep in mind that a post boost won't guarantee a surge in sales. It's merely a "touch" to keep your brand top of mind for customers when they are next in the market for your products or services, which very well might be during the holidays.

What makes this tactic successful?

Loot Crate is very successful with customer engagement, especially when it comes to fan loyalty. By boosting their post for the holidays, the company is not only spreading holiday cheer, it's also reminding customers that their product makes a great gift. When creating your holiday marketing game plan, keep your long-term goals in mind. Your strategy should incorporate some holiday accents while leveraging the bigger picture.

Crossfire Paintball and Airsoft: Partner with a Charity or Cause


What's better than spreading goodwill during the holidays by paying-it-forward? Doing it in a way that mutually benefits everyone involved. Some companies are really great at pulling this off in the world of Facebook, and finding business success as a seemingly karmic bi-product is more than what it may appear.

Our customer Crossfire Paintball has done an amazing job of donating accessories to benefit positive causes. And they also do a great job of documenting it via social media. But perhaps the most successful aspect of their charitable efforts on Facebook is that Crossfire does a great job of extending their reach/network through partnership. Strategic partners (charities/businesses/other) help spread the viral impact of the message and thus, drive more interest and sharing. The causes they promote get people onboard and inadvertantly, keep people coming back for more.

What makes this tactic successful?

By creating these campaigns that promote donations, Crossfire is constantly engaging with its audience. Crossfire saw an opportunity to do something good for the community while still promoting its brand. In addition, the collaborative nature of the campaign creates a viral effect, helping the promotion to spread, and thus expanding the reach of the Crossfire brand. For your next holiday campaign, consider opportunities to better your local community and really learn how to connect with the hearts and minds of your customers.

StickerGiant: Facebook Contest


We were bound to post about our own use of Facebook. This season, we released a series of Facebook contests to test their effectiveness, and we thought it would benefit our customers to learn from our successes. Some campaigns went better than others, and we quickly discovered the importance of ironing out the details of this tactic before releasing it to the eager social media public (namely, we learned that if we messed anything up, our customers would be the first ones to let us know). But another key aspect of our contest success has been making sure to boost the post, encourage sharing and interaction, and making the instructions as short and simple as possible. Visit our Facebook page anytime to see what has worked for us in the past and it will surely help you tailor your own successful holiday contest campaign.

What makes this tactic successful?

This may seem like an easy opportunity for customers to win free stuff and leave you without a sale, but contests on Facebook quickly take on a viral nature when the offer is right. Don't forget to also make sure that the offer is right for your business, and don't forget to partner with others to spread a holiday contests impact.  Using a Facebook contest keeps StickerGiant's brand goals in mind while still benefiting from the seasonality of gift-giving and free stuff.

Impact Hub Boulder: Promote an Event


Impact Hub Boulder is a co-working entrepreneurial space/"hub" that does a great job of drawing a crowd for their regular events.  This month, they added a little seasonal spice to their event post by merely adjusting the copy slightly. So why run an event in the first place much less use Facebook to promote it? Physical and virtual events serve two main purposes: 1. They help you connect on a more personal one-to-one manner 2. They help drive your business credibility when you run successful event organization/execution. Collaborating on an event with other brands that have a vested interest and a Facebook presence helps drive attendance, and boosting the post can further add to you events attendee attractiveness.

What makes this tactic successful?

Impact Hub Boulder and co-working organizations like theirs create a great resource for locally grown businesses looking to leverage the holidays to boost sales. By giving local business owners tangible resources and networking opportunities that tie into a holiday theme, the organization will be able to take the Impact Hub brand and experience outside of their usual Facebook event postings, and give them a slight seasonal twist.

The holidays are a great time to market your business via Facebook during a time when many of your competitors are likely unaware of the social media site's viral brand spreading benefits. Whether you create a contest or simply create a few holiday-themed posts, don't miss out on a great opportunity to get creative and keep your business on the tops of your social media followers' minds.

And don't forget to check out other StickerGiant Facebook marketing strategies and create your own!

What other rockin' holiday Facebook campaigns have you seen this season?

StickerGiant on Twitter


Are you following StickerGiant on Twitter, yet?

StickerGiant's been on the tweet wagon for eons. When a friend explained Twitter as being akin to "carrying a posse in your pocket," back in the early days, the proverbial light bulb flicked on. When you carry a Twitter-enabled smartphone (and aren't they all these days), you're never separated from your community. Once you've built out your network, you'll always find someone online to throw you a life line or mangle a metaphor.

There's something inherently endearing about Twitter. So while the StickerGiant spends plenty of time on other social media sites, like Pinterest, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube, it's Twitter that feels most at home. There's always something happening there, a constant flow of 140 character consciousness. It's like a happy buzzing bees nest.

It was a wise person that first said, “Twitter is the grout of your day.” It's also been called the "grout of life." Yes, you too can fill in the spaces between those immovable tiles with grit and wit or you can allow it to eat up serious chunks of time.

A well-rounded tweeter mixes it up. It's an interactive medium, not a broadcast network. We love dropping links, but love retweeting even more. Tweet us and we'll tweet back ... never mind the Hokey Pokey, that's what it's all about!

Boing Boing

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