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Ride With Hive

[caption id="attachment_22551" align="alignnone" width="600"] Photo credit to Lance Tyrrell[/caption] Public transportation is awesome.  In Salt Lake City, residents are using the Hive Pass program which makes transit more affordable and accessible. So what exactly is the Hive ... [Read More]

Go Code Colorado 2016 Final Event

[caption id="attachment_19021" align="alignnone" width="540"] Photo Flickr user USFWS Mountain-Prairie[/caption] Tonight's the Final Pitch of this year's Go Code Colorado. We've sponsored Colorado's App Challenge for three years running now, and if you're in Denver and looking for ... [Read More]

6 Ways to Leverage Political Stickers to Drive Campaign Support

It's campaign season again, a time when candidates flock to stock up on promotional gear to drive name recognition and campaign support. Campaign stickers are a cornerstone of any great political campaign and there's never a better time to distribute them than at the entrance of a ... [Read More]
Open Stack 3rd Birthday Sticker

Happy Belated Birthday, OpenStack!

If you want to know what's hot in the software world these days, you've got to look to the crowd and the cloud.  OpenStack is a hugely successful open source cloud operating system, originally created by Rackspace and the The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), back ... [Read More]

Calling All Zombies, Coffee Is Ready

I wake up early to knock out the posts here on the Sticker Giant Blog. More often than not, I'll start clacking away at the keyboard before the sun comes up. If it wasn't for a strong cup of coffee, my eyes would never be prepared for the glare of the computer monitor, much less the ... [Read More]

Your Greatest Source of Learning?

Before founding Microsoft, Bill Gates and Paul Allen had a different venture. While still high school students in the 1970s, they formed a company, Traf-O-Data to read the data from traffic data recorders and create reports for traffic engineers. Looking back, the business seems like ... [Read More]