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Sticker Stories Podcast Episode 6: Promoting National Park Posters with custom stickers


Hello and welcome back for the sixth episode of the Sticker Stories Podcast, as we near the end of our first season.

This week we welcome Rob Decker from National Park Posters. He is the founder of the company as well as the artist creating the designs. All of his posters are printed on recycled domestically produced materials and use environmentally friendly soy based inks. Along with his posters, his designs are available on larger artist canvases, and as postcards. He now has his first sticker, which we will talk more about with him. You can listen to the interview, and there's more about this episode below.

Top of mind

Hamish brought us stickers of the week, starting with Friend of the Pod, from Pod Save America from Crooked Media, Andrew will be writing up a blog about their sticker for next week, so look out for it. Andrew gave a shoutout to Techstars and Google for Entrepreneurs Global Startup Weekend that is kicking off today and going through next week. Here's a few pictures of the stickers we spoke about.

episode 6 sticker mashup

On to the show

Then Hamish and Andrew welcomed Rob on the the show. Before we DOVE in and started talking about National Park Posters, Rob told us a little more about himself and his career as an artist. A cool story is that Rob studied photography with Ansel Adams in Yosemite National Park in 1979. Truly amazing. We learned that National Park Poster’s came about from his daughter's wedding and then a few Kickstarter campaigns, and that he's mostly a one man operation. We spoke in depth about the WPA as an inspiration for his pieces of art, and we learned that the Works Project Administration's main role was building large infrastructure projects during the Great Depression. But the WPA also played a role in arts education, and that's where Rob takes some of his inspiration for the modern day.

Marketing Posters with Stickers

Rob has a really strong social media following, and then he shared advice for other small business owners using these platforms. His main advice was creating great content and leveraging the Facebook advertising tools, and that he's visited every park he's drawn so it helps to do your research. Then we brought it back to stickers, and he spoke about his designs.

To close out we were able to open a few brand-new posters that arrived for our factory, and Rob walked us through creating some of these wonderful works of art.

Episode 7: Final show of the season

In December, we are planning on welcoming the team from My Beer Pickles. That’s right. Beer and pickles. Two of nature’s greatest creations. Just add labels.

National Park Posters: Capturing the Beauty, Culture and History through Artwork & Adding in Stickers


National Park Posters offers a unique collection of specially design canvases featuring several of the National Parks around the country and are including a special sticker with orders to celebrate the 101st Anniversary.

An epic journey by one creative photographer has turned into a collection of beautifully shot and designed canvas posters of some amazing locations from our National Treasures. Rob Decker is a photographer and graphic artist with a HUGE passion for our National Parks. His mission is to not only visit all 59 National Parks but to capture the beauty, culture and history through his artwork.

Rob has visited 43 of our National Parks, so far, and is selling his visual representations of the gorgeous locations he has visited as National Park Posters. The photographs he takes go through a process of digital transformation creating a WPA-style, which was popular in the 1930's and 1940's. He is mindful of his production by using recycled materials and producing them here in the USA. He also donates a percentage of the profits to organizations that help support and protect national parks.

He offers more than just posters too as his artwork is available as postcards, canvas prints and featured as collections. There is one more artistic addition to orders featuring a sticker design worth slapping.
"To celebrate the 101st Birthday of the National Park Service, I've created a sticker based on the ever-so-popular "Worth Protecting" poster. This 3" x 4" sticker is a great way to show your support for our National Parks."

These were printed as our Kiss Cut Stickers which come with UV lamination. They can be slapped on outdoor gear, vehicles and more for people just as passionate as Rob to voice their desire to protect America's National Parks.