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Sticker Prints for Upper Playground


We have amazing creative companies that are putting together rad collections of stickers. Upper Playground is expressing their art and style through several custom stickers promoting their brand and artists.

Upper Playground is an art and fashion company and overall a factory for producing out of this world designs in collaboration with incredible artists. They kicked off as a company in San Francisco back in 1999 and sell clothing, apparel, sneakers, prints and other goods online, as well as their three retail stores located in San Francisco, Berkeley and Portland. They also have established art galleries Fifty24SF in San Francisco, Fifty24PDX in Portland and Fifty24MX in Mexico City, Mexico. They are known to be an independent lifestyle brand and push progressive creative lifestyles.

They recently printed up fifteen unique sticker designs that caught all our eyes going through the sticker production process. Roughly half of them were various designs around their brand name for a sweet variety of custom logo stickers. The rest of them were designs and creations of artists they work for that are now turned into portable sticky prints that can go on laptops, cars, skateboards and pretty much anywhere that a sticky substrate will cling to. Our favorite might be the reference of the classic movie Scarface with "The World is Yours" design.

The sticker world is yours Upper Playground, kudos for these amazing sticker designs.

Art Makers Denver 2016

Sponsored Stickers Art Makers Denver 2016

Art Makers Denver 2016

Today we are talking art, one of our favorite things about the sticker business. We love great design and sweet artwork on the stickers we print for customers, and Art Makers Denver 2016 is just the kind of sponsored event that gets the creative juices flowing.

There are four days of workshops that cover a diverse group of instructors and artists possessing various levels of experience, from calligraphy to paper making to 3D drawing. Basically, there will be no shortage of inspiration and creativity.

They printed up a neat square event sticker that's a type-forward design, featuring a text mask with a piece of art fill in the negative space of their font over a white background, with a crimson footer that holds their event logo for maximum, but subtle, brand awareness. This urban art retreat brings innovative techniques and unique projects to the table with talented, accomplished and spirited artists waiting to create with you.

McNichols Civic Center Building

Art Makers Denver will occupy the second and third floors of Denver's historic McNichols building. It's a creative space in an of itself, with a series of movable walls and curtains to create individual workshop spaces. Each floor will accommodate approximately seven workshops, which means lots of room for artistic expression.

Check out this video about last year's event

Take a Stroll at Artwalk Longmont


There's nothing better than bringing community together around art. Artwalk Longmont is a collaboration of downtown businesses, sponsors and local artists to put a great showcase of art and music three times over the summer months.

This coming Saturday, July 16th is the second in the three part series of artwalks hosted in downtown Longmont. From 4pm to 8pm there will be live artist demonstrations, interactive, activities, free musical performances, and visit our sponsor venues for pop-up artist exhibits.

Artwalk Longmont printed up some colorful sticker sheets with fun designs illustrating the art, performance, and music side of the event, as well as a stoplight with a walking person in the green light for "Go."

We are excited to sponsor the event with these stickers and will be rolling down the artwalk with Saul the World's Largest Sticker Ball set up at our tent for the night. Stop by, say hello and slap a sticker on the ball. He is a piece of sticker art like no other, crowned by Guinness World Records as the largest of his kind.

The final Artwalk Longmont will be on September 17th, so mark your calendar.



Artist Spotlight: Giraffes and Robots


It's art the makes you smile. Giraffes and Robots was started by an artist, Atabey Sánchez-Haiman, whose goal is to block out all the bad and negative things in the world with bright and cheery artwork conveyed in multiple ways including fun colorful custom stickers.

It all started as a kid and a dream to someday be an Astronaut. The pursuit of this dream and lots of time in biology labs being creative in scientific ways did not fulfill Atabey. Then one day through travel and inspiration from other artists, the painting of giraffes and robots began and so began her career as an artist.
"Many express surprise at the switch from science to art, but I believe that art and science complement each other beautifully. My studio is full of tins, jars, souvenirs, boxes, toys, papers, postcards, illustrations, books, photos and many other items I’ve collected during my travels. All are sources of inspiration for my work. I am an astronaut after all because I discover, create and explore new worlds everyday."

Giraffes and Robots has tons of great designs and illustrations, check them out.


We love art and seeing it turned into colorful, fun stickers is the best perk of what we do in custom sticker printing.

The Art of Storytelling with Tellart


Telling a story is an art form unlike any other. Whether through pictures, sound, or finding new ways through design that compels emotion and experience. Tellart designs interactive objects and immersive environments for product innovation, experiential marketing and informal learning.

Tellart is made up of designers, architects, technologists, and filmmakers that can craft an idea into reality. Tellart works with brands, museums, cultural institutions, manufacturers, and service providers to help shape products and experiences. They work with their clients through research and planning all the way through the creative process to deploying their designs.

Last month, Tellart was awarded the 2016 National Design Award in Interaction Design bestowed by the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, the prize celebrates outstanding achievement in design through excellence, innovation, and enhancement of the quality of life.
"Over the sixteen years of our company’s history, our team has worked to create designs that explore the frontiers of emerging technologies. Our goal has been to communicate and engage through interactive and multisensory experiences. We see networks, computation, and sensing as equal members in a materials palette containing wood, metal, plastic and glass–all powerful means to tell a story."

Tellart also conveys their brand through custom logo stickers. They put together their logo in array of different colors with a call to action to their website.

The art of storytelling is a beautiful thing and we enjoy being able to see the stories behind stickers like Tellart. Congratulations to them.

Get to Know StickerGiant: Meet Kevin

Meet Kevin

It's time to get to know another member of the StickerGiant team. Meet Kevin, Production Artist here at StickerGiant making sure all art files coming through our ready to be turned into colorful stickers and labels.

Kevin does a lot here at StickerGiant, including being part of the team that reviews every piece of art we get sent and turning them into beautiful art proofs. He also helps design and create the StickerGiant Monthly Sticker Sheets that go out in every order. Kevin has been part of Team StickerGiant going on almost three years now.

Kevin's most recent big project has been assisting in the setup of our Artwork Services, this new offering let's people who have just a rough sketch of what they'd like a sticker to look like to submit a request to have Kevin and his team create their design that will then turn into a custom sticker. This is a great offering to those who don't have a lot of artistic ability or a design team to work with.

We posed a few questions for Kevin, for you to get to know him a little better and understand the man behind the art:
What got you into art and design?

Colors, Composition, and Design have caught my eyes since I can remember.  I've always been a critical thinker with a knack for computers so it seemed like a perfect fit to try it out in college, which confirmed that art and design was something I wanted to be around all the time.  Plus, the world could always use a little more Graphic Design.

What's your favorite part of working at StickerGiant?

My coworkers are amazing and I love seeing the finished product go out the door.  It's great being around so many people who work hard together and are good at what they do.

What do you enjoy in your free time outside of the office?

Landscape Photography has been a big hobby of mine for the last couple years.  I bring my camera everywhere and its a great excuse to get out and explore the outdoors with a bonus of having some photos that you enjoy to remember the experience.  Also, hiking, playing hockey and going to concerts are always a good time.

Kevin keeps collections of his pictures of colorful things and more on his Instagram, @kevingriffithco, so check it out.

For all things StickerGiant and seeing more behind the curtain stay tuned here or check us out on our social media, now including Snapchat @StickerGiant where we are showing more of the sticker factory.