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The Art of Storytelling with Tellart

Telling a story is an art form unlike any other. Whether through pictures, sound, or finding new ways through design that compels emotion and experience. Tellart designs interactive objects and immersive environments for product innovation, experiential marketing and informal ... [Read More]
Escape Adulthood

Break Free and Escape Adulthood

Happy Friday! Finally, the week is coming to an end and life is great... or is it? There is a terrible disease out there affecting millions of us called adultitis. Don't worry, Escape Adulthood is here and their mission is to annihilate adultitis by reminding us to have fun and play with ... [Read More]
Wooden Crave

Artist Spotlight: Imagining with Wooden Wave

Imagination is the key to creating. Wooden Wave is doing just that by designing, drawing, and painting some mind bending designs with touches of sustainability and nature to peak our curiosity. The creative couple behind Wooden Wave is Matthew and Roxanne Ortiz. Their fun loving style ... [Read More]
The Art Kit

Getting Creative with The Art Kit

Creating art happens all around us in many different ways. The Art Kit is providing a monthly subscription to a whole box of arts and craft projects that are great for kids to create with. It's a fun, educational way for kids to interact and create their own art. The Art Kit themes ... [Read More]
Burning Man 2015

The Burning Man 2015: A Community Sharing Stickers

Hello, Burners. It's time for Burning Man 2015. This Sunday the dust will be unsettled and the community will kick off events and fun for a week in Black Rock City culminating in the ritual burning of a giant wooden man. The theme this year is "Carnival of Mirrors" and we have seen a ... [Read More]

StickerGiant's Artist of the Month: Phil Lewis

Phil Lewis Art is are StickerGiant Artist of the Month for June 2015. Phil Lewis is connecting with nature and the outdoors to create amazing pen and ink art. Born in Canada, but raised in Tahoe, the outdoors and mountains became an inspiration to Phil at a very young age. His desire ... [Read More]