Say It With Love 
This Valentine's Day

Make your love stick with custom stickers! 

Sprinkle some love into your marketing this Valentine's Day with custom stickers that bring warmth and charm to your small business. Turn everyday items and packages into delightful, eye-catching treasures that truly embody the joy of Valentine's Day. It's about more than just boosting visibility – it's about creating memorable moments for your customers. These stickers add a heartfelt, personal touch that not only draws people in but also builds a community of fans who cherish what your brand stands for. Let's spread the love and make this Valentine's Day stick!

Here are 4 easy ways to use custom stickers this Valentine's Day: 

Gift with Purchase

Decorate Packaging

Custom Event Stickers

Stickers as Merchandise

Stickers are versitile and can be used as promotional items to increase customer engagement. Consider adding a little something extra by offering stickers as gifts with purchase or including them in gift boxes, or show off your branding by decorating your package or product. You can also use custom stickers at events, from branding and logo stickers to event merchandise. Businesses can partner with local artists and designers to create unique and custom stickers that reflect their brand image. Additionally, businesses can use stickers to decorate their physical locations and create a fun atmosphere for customers.

Types of Custom Stickers For Valentine's Day Designs 

StickerGiant has a variety of sticker options that will fit these Valentine's Day uses, and much more!

Sticker Sheets are a great way to maximize your design and your budget, with multiple peel offs on one sheet. There is no limit to the creativity you can bring to a sheet, from phrases and icons  to images and logos - all having their own sticker, along with your branding. Sticker sheets are available in a matte and glossy finish, as well as clear and holographic material. 

Holographic Stickers are the ultimate choice for adding a dazzling, eye-catching element to your brand. Perfect for those who adore all things shiny, these stickers come alive with a mesmerizing three-dimensional effect. As light hits them, they burst into a spectrum of colors, ensuring your brand or design stands out spectacularly. Crafted from premium rainbow holographic material, these stickers can be finished with either a glossy or matte laminate. The glossy option enhances the shimmering effect, making the colors pop vividly. Opt for matte if you prefer a subtle metallic sheen, which tones down the rainbow effect for a more understated, foil-like appearance. Or choose a white background to make colors pop even more.

Clear Stickers are transparent or translucent, allowing the surface underneath to show through. They are made from a clear vinyl material that is completely opaque. Clear stickers can be printed with designs, logos, or text, and can be cut into custom shapes. They are commonly used for logos, colorful artwork, and decorative purposes, and are popular for their ability to blend in with the surface underneath while still providing a noticeable touch of color. They can be applied to a variety of surfaces, such as windows, laptops, and bottles, among others

Die Cut Stickers help focus in on your brand, logo, tagline, or new design. You can put a website address or social media profile to drive traffic to your digital presence. This type of sticker has been cut into a specific shape using a die-cutting process. Die cut stickers are commonly used for events, branding, and advertising, as they provide a more professional and custom look compared to standard circle, square, or rectangle cut stickers. They can be cut into a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit the specific needs of the user. Die cut stickers are available in a matte or glossy finish. Pro tip: Choose a matte finish if you want a writable surface for permanent markers.