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Wooden Crave

Artist Spotlight: Imagining with Wooden Wave

Imagination is the key to creating. Wooden Wave is doing just that by designing, drawing, and painting some mind bending designs with touches of sustainability and nature to peak our curiosity. The creative couple behind Wooden Wave is Matthew and Roxanne Ortiz. Their fun loving style ... [Read More]
Sponsorship Desk: Method + Madness Conference | PHXDW 2015

Sponsorship Desk: Method + Madness Conference | PHXDW 2015

Creatives, unite! We are stoked to be a part of AIGA Arizona and their Method + Madness event as part of Phoenix Design Week. Design is such a crucial piece of everything we do at StickerGiant, from art services to templates for customers to lay out their own art. The level at which ... [Read More]

Create and Destroy with The Uprising Creative

We love telling sticker stories. Today is a story about an agency that creates stories and ideas around them. The Uprising Creative is a production and creative company that is all about quality design and execution. The Uprising is compromised of "passionate thinkers, makers and ... [Read More]

Why Stickers Make a Great Advertising Medium

Advertising your product, brand or services can be tough in today's technological world. It seems like everyone has a gimmick of some sort and can't wait to get it into your hot little hands, but stickers are still one of the best advertising strategies around. They can be big or small, ... [Read More]

Reinvent Your Everyday With Touch of Modern

Have you ever scratched your head in confusion as you wonder, "Where do I find the world's finest kelp caviar and jellyfish art? I'm having a party." Take comfort in knowing you're not alone! Touch of Modern has compiled a digital compendium of extraordinarily designed objects for ... [Read More]