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Every event needs a custom sticker and WordCamps in North Carolina, Utah and Oregon get creative


Would you like to learn about Internet marketing from some of the most respected WordPress experts? Head to a WordCamp!

If you're in Wilmington, Salt Lake City, these WordCamps are a part of the WordCamp.org and WordPress Foundation, and custom stickers will be on site for all. The WordCamp Organization is responsible for bringing the WordPress community together on a local and regional level. Each organizer is a volunteer and works alongside mentors to make sure that each event is fun, educational and structured, which is why we love to sponsor these groups.

WordCamp Portland has a sticker sheet with two Wapuus, including a peel off hat for the cuddly WordCamp mascot. He's on a unicycle with a flaming bagpipe (how very Portland), and he's clutching a box of Voodoo Doughnuts. Then they have the three circles with the event branding and WordPress logo. The have custom badges on their site for speakers, sponsors, attendees, organizers, and volunteers. Pretty cool customization for the two day event that will be going on at Lewis and Clark College.

In North Carolina, WordCamp Wilmington has a die cut stickers with a seaside theme, including a seabird soaring over their event branding and the WordPress logo. They are celebrating their second edition, and we are proud to be there for them as a sponsor as they continue to build their community.

Out in Utah at WordCamp Salt Lake City attendees will get a super cool WordPress shield on a die cut sticker, which will really rep nicely on a laptop or notebook. This will be a one-day conference that includes workshops, talks, a t-shirt, and lunch.

Have great WordCamps, everyone, and make sure to save some energy for the After Parties!

More About WordCamp and WordPress

WordCamps are casual, locally-organized conferences covering everything related to WordPress, the free and open source personal publishing software that powers over 75 million sites on the web. The first WordCamp was organized in San Francisco by Matt Mullenweg in 2006, and since then local communities around the world have organized hundreds of others.

WordPress started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing and with fewer users than you can count on your fingers and toes. Since then it has grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day.

Peace, Love and WordPress at WordCamp Sacramento and WordCamp Tokyo


WordCamp Tokyo and WordCamp Sacramento will be gathering for a weekend full of WordPress and sticker love. With exquisitely designed sticker sheets, these WordCampers will have plenty of application options for their creative peel offs.

Designing a sticker sheet is no easy task: you've got to balance the space on the sheet with the amount of peels that you want to provide for folks to stick, plus of course being creative with your design elements. Lucky for the WordCamp folks, they always have a team of artists that incorporate some element of fun and local branding. In the case of WordCamp Tokyo, they went with an All Wapuu Sheet, which makes sense seeing as Matt Mullenweg directed the design of Wapuu to a team of Japanese WordPress users back in 2009.

Let's break down each sticker sheet individually.

WordCamp Tokyo Sticker Sheet Brings All the Wapuus


The design team has seven total Wapuus on the sheet, and they are all in a different costume, whether Wapuu is a climbing a spire, in full samurai gear or wielding a mighty artist's brush. The event peel has the Tokyo Skyline with the Tokyo Tower and other prominent features, plus a winged Wapuu holding a crystal ball. So many fun options for WordCampers to place wherever they please.

Peace, Love and WordPress at WordCamp Sacramento


Four tie-dyed circle peels, three of them WordPress logos, a Just Passin' Through styled walking man with a WordPress logo rainbow behind him, the class VW bus with a WordPress logo car shield and license plate with their event hashtag and rounded out by an "All You Need Is Love" custom kiss cut heart shape. We'd have to agree with this Peace and Love message, with one addition: WordPress.

With that, we wish Peace, Love and WordPress to all of our organizing teams around the world, and big thanks to the Sacramento and Tokyo design teams for bringing these awesome sticker sheets through the factory. We can't wait to see the sessions unfold on social media this weekend, and to hear all of the great stories from new and old WordCampers alike.

Wapuu Delivers Sticker Sheets to WordCamps in Bern, Switzerland and Pittsburgh, PA


With the weekend coming up, we're talking sponsorships today, and WordCamp is our featured organization. When you're talking WordPress and stickers, you know that there is a sticker sheet and the possibility of an appearance from Wapuu, every WordPressers favorite mascot.

For this edition, we'll find Wapuu at WordCamp Pittsburgh donning some locally inspired sporting garb and trophy hardware in advance of the after party, and at WordCamp Bern Wapuu has transformed into a Swiss army knife. Both of the design teams for these stickers got to have some fun, and it shows through in the final product.

The rest of these sticker sheets feature WordPress logos and event branding, with the location and date and some of aesthetic touches. The WordCamp Pittsburgh has a nice touch with unique name tag stickers for Volunteer, Job Seeker, Speaker, Freelancer and I'm Hiring, which is a nice touch for attendees to customize their badges. WordCamp Bern put in some nice custom shapes featuring the WordPress logo and the local skyline.

We have a slew of WordCamps coming up, as it's now conference and event season, so hopefully we'll be seeing more of Wapuu, and we hope that everyone in Pittsburgh and Bern have a great time networking and learning about the web's favorite publishing platform. With WordCamps, the folks in attendance get tracks focused on what's happening in WordPress development, and they can meet the people behind the platform. At StickerGiant, we're all about community, and our sponsorships reflect that. If you're running a non-profit or volunteer-driven community event, get in touch with us.

WordPress Around World: Costa Rica Welcomes Wapuu and Bulgaria Offers Sun and Surf


WordCamp San José and WordCamp Varna will bring people together over their love of WordPress, and custom stickers will be on site for everyone to enjoy. There will be dozens of sessions across each day and the latest WordPress developments will take center stage. Let's not forget the after party, after all, it's a WordCamp, which means tons of learning and networking in various formats.

Down in Costa Rica, a sticker sheet with two Wapuus, including one with Wapuu as a three-toed sloth, the cuddly denizen of Costa Rica's rainforest, plus five other peels that feature WordPress logos and an event sticker to remember this edition. With eight stickers to choose from, attendees will have plenty of variety to get creative with sticker placement to represent WordCamp San José wherever they go. This is the second WordCamp in San José, and we love to see the organizing team really get into their sticker art.

Over in Bulgaria on the shores of the Black Sea, the beach and resort town of Varna will be hosting their first-ever WordCamp, and they went with a classic circle sticker featuring a clean vector design based on the maritime theme of their location. A series of circles in a yellow-to-orange palette builds out the sun with the WordPress logo as the center and then the waves create the foundation, with two flying seabirds. Beautiful colors and a simple concept really help reinforce the design focus of a WordCamp, and the event branding shows through in a small type on the bottom of the sticker. What a great sticker for their first WordCamp.

We are so stoked for these new WordPress communities, and we work with so many around the world. It's wonderful to feel the energy on social media all weekend long, and we know that WordCamp attendees are super promoters of the platform and the power is has to build a better internet. And did you know, WordPress is older than Twitter and Facebook and that WordPress powers nearly 27% of all websites on the internet? Check out this piece on WPBeginner for 23 more interesting facts about the WordPress platform.

Wapuu Going Fishing for Community at WordCamp Grand Rapids


When WordPress fans unite, there's code, Wapuu and stickers, which means loads of fun. For their annual weekend, WordCamp Grand Rapids serves up a custom sticker sheet with creativity and branding in a unified package.

Grand Rapids will be hosting their annual WordCamp on the Grand Valley State University Pew Campus right on the western banks of the Grand River, where the town takes its name.

There will be three tracks that cover content, design, business and development all for the WordPress platform. WordCamp Grand Rapids has been with StickerGiant for going on five years, and we really want to thank them for keeping the momentum going in their corner of the Midwest. There's a ton of energy around web development in the region, and we're stoked for their community to gather and celebrate.

As for the sticker sheet, Wapuu is in full effect, with the cuddly WordPress mascot wrapped around a fishing bobber. There's a strong canoeing and outdoor theme going on in this sheet, with paddles, and Wapuu's floppy fishing hat. The designers also found room for the event meetup address and Twitter handle, plus hashtags that ring the border on the top. Attendees have options for application, as seven individual stickers peel off and travel anywhere due to their small size. The organizing team brought the same canoeing theme to the website, and the entire branded package is seamless from start to finish. It's this attention to detail that makes WordCamps such terrific events because it extends into the programming, the other event swag and the takeaways for those that are in the audience participating.


So to all the folks in Western Michigan this weekend: enjoy the sessions and the networking during at Atwater Brewery when the day is done!

We've been with WordCamp and WordPress meetups since the early days, and we recognize that WordPress is one of the world's most-popular publishing platforms. We love to participate as sponsors for these tech events, and if you're interested in if you're interested in working StickerGiant on sponsorships, get in touch.

First Ever WordCamp for Publishers Visits Denver for a Weekend of Developing the News Business

 WordCamp for Publishers- Denver 2017 Sponsored Die Cut Stickers

WordCamp for Publishers is a community-organized event bringing together folks who use WordPress to manage publications, big or small. Check out the action live on Twitter at their hashtag

For the Denver edition of their WordCamp for Publishers, the organizing team designed a die cut sticker that mimics the comment icon you see in social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, where the comment box signifies engagement and interaction. In the news business, red as a color is one of the three primary colors in design, with black and white being the other two. Red often connotes "BREAKING NEWS" that you'll see on many local news broadcast channels, or the famous CNN red on cable news. But this group of WordPress enthusiasts is concerned with digital publishing, and they are heading to the Mile High City to participate in best practices and collaborate on building open source tools for publishers.

This event is for anyone who actively manages a  publication with WordPress. Educational tracks will focus engineering, product, and editorial. The speakers and attendees will come from national media organizations and smaller publications, and we've seen lots of activity already on Twitter where people are traveling from all over to visit the beautiful State of Colorado in the summer. There's a lot of energy and enthusiasm for this niche because right now the news business is changing rapidly and with digital publishing, more messages are reaching more consumers more of the time. The acceleration of news delivery, from status updates to app alerts means news consumers have many choices, and WordCamp for Publishers seeks to build new connections between the people who are producing the news.